Only Faith Can Get You Through The Toughest Times

Only Faith Can Get You Through The Toughest Times

Only faith can give you peace in the most dramatic and chaotic times, knowing that all this is happening for a very good reason, believing that there is something much bigger that will be revealed to you once it’s all over. Trusting that God will not make you suffer unless you’ll find ease or comfort or wisdom after it all ends.

Only faith can get you through the hardest of times without losing your mind because some tragedies are impossible to comprehend, some tragedies are impossible to understand and some tragedies don’t make sense at all, but at the end of the day, faith is believing even if you don’t understand, faith is hoping when things seem hopeless, faith is holding on when you’re supposed to give up. Faith keeps you sane. Faith makes you strong. 

Only faith can make you positive when all the odds are against you. Faith makes you believe in miracles. Only faith can heal your deepest wounds. We’re all human and we get scared and hopeless and think of the worst possible outcomes but at least faith helps us not to worry or spend our lives overthinking everything because we know that God is in control, we know that eventually, we’ll get what was meant for us and what’s better for us even if we don’t always predict it or wish for it. Faith makes you unafraid of the unknown.

Only faith can bring you closer to happiness because it makes you confident; confident in the universe, confident in your future, confident in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes your way, confident in finding the resilience within you to get through the stickiest situations because you’ve been through it all before and every time faith was the only solution. Every time faith got you out of the darkness. It got you out of your own misery. Only faith can make you live with content and ease rather than fear and anxiety.

Only faith can stand the test of the time. People will support you but they won’t always understand you. Therapists might help you but they won’t go to bed with you every night to silence your thoughts. Instant gratification will only serve you temporarily until you realize that it doesn’t take the pain away. Nothing will heal you if you don’t have faith. Nothing will help you if you don’t believe in something bigger than what you’re going through. Nothing will make you feel whole unless you find God. Only faith can get you through life alone because if you have faith, you don’t really need anyone to heal you and if you have God, you have everything.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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