You Deserve More Than Silence

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Afa Ah Loo

Silence may not have a voice but it says so much. In most cases, silence is usually the beginning of the end. It means that something has changed or something doesn’t feel right but from what I’ve learned when silence comes between two people who used to talk regularly, there’s really not much you can do to change that scenario.

Silence means this person no longer wants to talk to you as much they used to. They don’t have the itch to share with you their stories or ask you about yours. They don’t feel excited to talk to you anymore so they back off, they distance themselves, they choose to say nothing instead of telling you how they’re really feeling.

Silence means this person would rather talk to other people. Someone else is filling that void. The conversations are better with someone else.

They would rather invest that time and energy in someone else because the connection is not the same with you. The connection has lost its essence or its passion and silence became the easy way out. It became comfortable.

Silence means that this person is going through a lot and they decided to be alone. They decided they want to suffer alone or heal alone or refrain from their daily routine. It means that this person chose loneliness over anyone else.

Silence can mean so many different things but at the end of the day, it means that the communication is not going to be the same. Words will be replaced by silence. Passion will be replaced with indifference and things will start going downhill because if a person decides to give you the silent treatment, they rarely take it back.

And it’s not your job to figure out what’s going on or break the silence or try to bring the communication back. It’s not your job to keep analyzing what went wrong, what you could have done better or what you should have said.

And it’s your fault. If a person chooses silence that means they think that you deserve silence. And you deserve more than silence. You deserve an explanation. You deserve words. You deserve people in your life who don’t find it so easy to just stop talking to you overnight. 

Silence is usually the beginning of the end, but the good news is, silence can also tell you so much about that person. It can tell you how important you are to them. It can tell you how they really are when things get rough and sometimes it’s better to just leave people be without trying to understand why they are the way they are.

The irony is, the best response to people who suddenly walk out of your life is also silence. Save your words for the ones who appreciate them. TC mark

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