This Is What My Silence Really Means

Paige Marie
Paige Marie

Silence doesn’t always have to be so bad or full of resentment. Silence can be peaceful and it can be full of love.

It means I’m giving you the space you need to grow, the space you need to become who you want to be and the space you need to think about what you want from life and what you want from me.

It means I’m fine, I’m content and I have faith. Faith that if we were meant to be, time will bring us closer and if we’re not, we will meet the ones we deserve along the way.

It means I miss you but I won’t tell you because it won’t change anything and because you already know.

It means I’m here if you want to reach out and I’ll still pick up the phone when you call.

It means you’re on my mind but in a quiet way; in the early morning when everyone is asleep and late at night when no one is up. I think about you with my mind at ease.

It means I’m surrendering to our fate. Surrendering to the different paths we’re on and the different visions we have and surrendering to the present because that’s all I can guarantee.

It means I’m happy with what we had even if it was short, it means it didn’t leave any scars and didn’t cause any damage. It was short and sweet but there is really nothing left for us to talk about.

It means I’ll remember you and smile. I’ll remember the jokes, the laughter, the looks and the secrets. I’ll remember the simplicity of it before life got in the way.

It means I need some time alone, to understand why beautiful people come into our lives and leave too soon, to try to unravel the mystery of timing and if there is such a thing as timing and to understand that I only have myself because people may not always stay.

It means I’m letting you go, I’m letting you shine away from my galaxy, I’m getting you out of my heart and out of my mind, it means I’m getting myself used to your absence and living  my life the way I did before you came along.

It means it’s not the end. It means I’m close but I’m far away, I’m here but I’m not, I’m paying attention but I’m also oblivious and it means that it’s goodbye not farewell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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