Stay Single Until You Love Someone This Way

If You Want To Be Happy, Find People Who Love Like You Do

Find people who are honest about their feelings, even if it’s after one date or one moment or one conversation. Find people who tell you how amazing you are without really knowing that much about you because they can see through you, they can see what others can’t and because they can feel it.

Find people who are not afraid of their feelings; people who don’t run away when you get closer and people who do not back off when things get real. Find people who want to try even if they get burnt. Find people who want to love again even if they’ve been heartbroken ten times before.

Find people who don’t want to play games with your heart. Find people who do not delay their responses on purpose or say they’re busy just to make themselves unavailable. Find people who don’t want to date as many as they can to feel good about themselves. Find people who don’t want attention from everyone but they only want it from one person, the person that really matters.

Find people who don’t take your interest as a sign of weakness or desperation. Find people who don’t label you ‘too much,’ ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too needy’ just because you care. Find people who care just as much as you do if not more. Find people who appreciate you for caring instead of forcing you to play hard to get or forcing you to curb your emotions.

Find people who don’t make you regret liking them or falling in love with them. Find people who make the ending sweet not bitter. Find people who don’t break your heart even if things don’t work out because they gave you their all, because they’ve tried to make it work, because they didn’t give up easily and they gave you your closure. Find people who give you a real chance and spend enough time with you before they decide that there’s no future. Find people who look for deeper qualities instead of letting superficial things stop them from getting to know you. Find people who make you believe that endings can be peaceful, mature and painless.

Find people who love like you do because these people make you feel like you belong. They make you feel like you’re enough. They make you feel like you can be yourself without having to suffer the consequences. They make you feel like it’s not a crime to want love or be open about your feelings.

Find people who make your life easier by understanding your heart instead of making you feel like a fool for following it. Find people who inspire you to love more and love better instead of making you give up on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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