10 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult For An Empath To Get Into A Serious Relationship

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1. They internalize their partner’s problems.

Empaths have an inherent desire to help, heal and teach, and interestingly enough, it often becomes a hindrance in relationships. Being a partner is not being a parent. You are meant to be someone’s equal, not someone’s savior.

2. They are always trying to find the next thing to “fix.”

Empaths are so sensitive to anything that is maligned that they seem as though they’re always trying to identify what’s wrong rather than appreciate what’s right.

3. They tend to attract people who want to be saved, not people who want to be loved.

The classic relationship issue that an empath will face is the one they have with a narcissist – people who have a deep desire to help others are magnets for people who want to just receive their light, and not give anything back.

4. Their feelings are challenged.

For the first time, their feelings are not the only “right” feelings. They have to face the fact that how other people feel is valid, even if those feelings are in opposition to their own. Their preferences are not the only ones that have to be honored, their habits not the only ones that are continued.

5. They have to learn clean boundaries.

They have to learn what is and isn’t theirs to deal with; they have to become more confident in allowing other people to have their experiences and learn for themselves.

 6. There are few people that truly understand them, and this makes dating hard.

Empaths are, without fail, different. They perceive things differently, they are on a greater mission in life, and not just anybody is going to be able to stand beside that and hold their own.

7. They have to let others learn lessons for themselves.

Empaths have an inherent desire to help anyone and everyone – but just because they can intuit what’s wrong doesn’t mean that the problem is theirs to fix. Learning that the best way to do that is often to let people learn for themselves is important wisdom to have.

8. They have to confront buried demons.

Often, empaths face the most personal growth in their relationships because it’s not until they feel loved and “safe” enough with another person that they can truly let their feelings out for the first time. The first ones that arise are often the ones that were most suppressed.

9. They have to fall in love with who they are in a relationship.

Empaths often get so swept away by their love for another person, they forget that the ultimate measurement of a good relationship is how much you love the person you are when you’re in it. The right partner makes your whole life better, not worse… and that’s because they make you better without even trying.

10. Empaths often choose relationships they want to grow through – not relationships they want to be comfortable in.

Empaths are naturally sensitive people. Learning to exist in an often harsh and unforgiving world often requires setting up strong boundaries and clear habits and preferences. Being with the love of your life shatters those; it makes you realign your identity with someone who isn’t driven by fear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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