I Still Hope We Could Meet Halfway And Start Over

 Anastasia Vârlan
Anastasia Vârlan

I still hope we could meet in the middle of an empty road one random day as we’re both heading to different directions and stop to talk to each other for a little while; maybe we could go grab coffee like we did the first time we met or maybe we could just walk in the city, like that time you showed me your neighborhood and we talked for hours.

I still hope you remember the last conversation we had so we can continue talking about it, so we can pick up exactly where we left off, so we can feel like time hasn’t changed a thing because for me it hasn’t — for me, time stopped when you went away and I don’t remember much after but I do remember everything we used to do and all the things we used to talk about.

I still hope that I’ll be having a bad day and suddenly run into you and it turns it all around, like a scene from a movie, exchanging looks and smiles and remembering what it felt like when we were close, when we weren’t strangers. Maybe we’ll plan to meet up that night and after a few drinks, I’ll tell you everything, everything I should’ve told you back then, everything you should know, everything I was told to keep to myself.

I still hope that we’ll meet halfway when you’ve changed a little bit; when you’ve figured out where you belong and you’re no longer chasing rainbows, when you’ve achieved all the dreams that were stopping you from being with someone.

When you’ve done everything you could do by yourself and now you need someone by your side and when you’ve dated a bunch of other women and finally understood that what we had was special — it was something you don’t find easily, something only a few lucky ones get to experience.

I still hope that when we meet again, you’ll remember how I made you feel and you’ll realize that this is the time to say it all — this is the time to follow your heart.

And I still hope that one day, you’ll stop being so damn logical and follow your heart and I still hope that your heart will lead you back to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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