Maybe Your Journey Is Not About Finding Love, Maybe It’s Bigger Than That

 Matic Kozinc
Matic Kozinc

Sometimes the world gets so lonely and you start thinking about all the times you got your heartbroken and all the times you wished you had someone by your side. Sometimes it feels like love is a foreign word — a foreign concept you hear people talking about but you don’t really understand.

Sometimes it feels like love isn’t in the cards for you and while that’s something you’ll never know for sure, you can still make the best out of your journey.

Maybe your journey is not about love, maybe it’s about purpose.

Maybe it’s about finding your passion and following it, or maybe it’s about moving to a new city and finding another side of life that excites you. Maybe it’s about finding a new hobby, a new talent or a new idea that could be the next best thing and maybe it’s about traveling and roaming the world until you find meaning in your life or until you figure out what exactly you’re born to do.

Maybe it’s not about intimacy, maybe it’s about inspiration.

Maybe it’s about meeting a bunch of people who inspire you to live better, to be better, to learn something or maybe they will enlighten you with their wisdom, with their stories and the moments that changed their lives. Maybe it’s about doing things solo so you can truly listen to your thoughts, so you can make decisions that are not influenced by anyone else and maybe it’s about being inspired by yourself; your strength, your abilities, your battles and your stories. Maybe your journey now is about changing your own life.

Maybe it’s not about attachment, maybe it’s about letting go.

Maybe it’s not about finding someone to love but letting go of all the ones you loved before. Maybe it’s about redefining love and what it means to you or maybe it’s about letting go of all the remains of your heartbreak so you can love with all your heart again. Maybe for now, your journey is about forgetting your exes and your past and focusing on moving on. Maybe the lesson is in completely moving on before finding someone else.

Maybe your journey is not about finding love, maybe it’s about loving yourself. Maybe it’s about rebuilding yourself or maybe it’s about walking away.

Walking away from it all, from what you used to know, from who you used to be and going in another direction where better things await — things that make you wonder why you were so worried about finding love when you could be finding the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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