When You’re The ‘Good Girl’

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

When you’re the ‘good girl’
they don’t expect you to feel,
they don’t expect you to speak,
they don’t expect you to have expectations.
Because you’re not aggressive,
because you’re too nice,
because you don’t always have the best comebacks,
and you don’t always make the best first impressions,
because you’re shy
because you’re ‘cute,’
because you show everything
even when you try not to,
because no one likes sensitive people,
because you’re not chill.

When you’re the good girl
you don’t find love,
you only find heartbreak.
You don’t get what you want,
you just get rejected
because you don’t know how to ‘keep’ them,
you don’t want to play games
because you don’t have enough experience.
You don’t know how to be sexy,
because you seem ‘naïve,’
because you’re somehow invisible.

When you’re the ‘good girl’
you’ll always be misunderstood,
you’ll be labeled ‘uncool,’
maybe ‘weird’
but never loved,
never given the attention you deserve,
never getting the ones you want
because you live in a society
that praises the bad and the bold,
the loud and obnoxious,
the ones who don’t like to sit in a corner.

When you’re the good girl
you’ll get teased for it,
you’ll often question it.
you’ll even get blamed for it
and you might lose some people.
But when you’re the good girl
you learn to stop caring about what they think
or what they say
you don’t change yourself to fit in
or change for someone else
you stay the same
because you may be the reason
someone believes in good girls again
and you may be the person
someone else is praying for.

When you’re the good girl,
don’t be bad for them,
let them be good for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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