Stay Single Until You Meet A Girl Who Does These 70 Things

Brooke Cagle

1. Puts effort into her appearance even though she looks best without trying.

2. Never stops saying thank you for things.

3. Surprises you often.

4. Answers texts quickly.

5. Doesn’t play games or try to make you jealous.

6. Appreciates everything you do.

7. Isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

8. Is confident.

9. Is passionate about something and lights up when she talks about it.

10. Takes you on dates from time to time and pays.

11. Doesn’t get sloppy when she drinks.

12. Shows up on time to things.

13. Doesn’t cancel on you last minute.

14. Meets you halfway with things.

15. Wants her friends to meet you.

16. Is as excited as you are when something good happens to you.

17. Supports you and everything you do.

18. Values sex and takes initiative.

19. Has a job and can take care of herself.

20. Doesn’t expect things.

21. Doesn’t cause drama or gossip too much.

22. Is honest.

23. Grabs your hand and kisses you gently.

24. Remembers the little details you tell her.

25. Works to build relationships with your family.

26. Doesn’t want to change you.

27. Has goals and ambitions herself and a life outside of you.

28. She’s confident enough to not be jealous or intimidated by others.

29. Values and appreciates you.

30. Doesn’t stop trying even after she has you.

31. Doesn’t talk about her past because it doesn’t matter.

32. Teaches you without making you feel dumb.

33. Is constantly trying to improve herself.

34. Can clearly convey what’s wrong without being petty.

35. She keeps your relationship between you two.

36. She makes you laugh without even trying to.

37. Even if she does have insecurities she keeps them to herself.

38. She’s good with kids.

39. She controls her emotions.

40. Respects your privacy.

41. She’s willing to make sacrifices for you.

42. Doesn’t get offended when you give her constructive feedback but takes it.

43. Doesn’t pull you away from friends and family.

44. Understands when you need to be alone and doesn’t get offended by it.

45. Has self-respect.

46. Actually cares about how your day was and wants to make it better if she can.

47. Her affection isn’t overwhelming and she isn’t needy.

48. Doesn’t try too hard but her effort makes even big things look easy.

49. Keeps the conversation going.

50. Gives you that look and you just know what she’s thinking.

51. Is the reason you stare at your phone smiling like an idiot sometimes.

52. Has these little inside jokes between you two.

53. Sits through your favorite show or movie just because you like it.

54. She makes you forget about your exes.

55. She trusts you completely even when she’s been hurt.

56. She makes you want to be a better man.

57. She understands you in a way other people don’t.

58. She gives you her heart completely knowing very well the risk.

59. Really tries to make you happy.

60. Ignores anyone who hits on her then just walks up to you like it’s nothing.

61. You can trust her.

62. She doesn’t rush things or add pressure to your life.

63. Your friends love her.

64. She looks out for you all the time and has your best interest at heart.

65. Never makes you choose between her and something else.

66. She’s authentic.

67. Breaks down your walls.

68. Wants you but doesn’t need you.

69. Is your best friend. Partner. And number one fan.

70. Loves you even though she doesn’t say it, she just shows it constantly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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