I’m Sorry But You Had Your Chance


You had your chance with me and you blew it, and yes I believe in second chances but I gave you plenty of chances in one chance and you still didn’t take them.

You had a chance to get to know me, when we stayed up all night talking about our lives and asking intimate questions. This was your chance to dig deeper, to get me to open up to you and to find the treasures I’ve been hiding from the world and looking for someone who can find them.

You had a chance to break down my walls because I actually trusted you. I talked to you about my heart breaks, certain that you will never be one, I talked to you about my past, positive that you won’t be part of it and I talked to you about my dreams, confident that you will be in them.

You had a chance to love me, when I was ready to give you my heart, when I was ready to open up yours, when I talked to you with honesty, when I looked at you with admiration, when I listened to you with sincerity, when I held your hand with softness and when I promised you that I’ll help you unpack all your baggage.

I would’ve been yours, if only you had asked.

You had every chance you could get but you didn’t take them.

I waited long enough for you but you never showed up.

I cried enough for you but you never dried my tears.

I made every possible excuse for you but you never gave me a reason to keep going.

I even watched you do all the things I wanted from you to someone else and I tried to be understanding through it all because it was still better than losing you.

But there’s only so much logic can take before it goes crazy, there’s only so much nonsense one can handle before it all starts making sense and there’s only so much stabs a heart can take before it starts bleeding.

Here’s the thing about people who give too many chances; they could easily take them back.

And they don’t let you back in.

You had your chance and you didn’t take it.

You had your chance and you didn’t try.

You had your chance and you made a choice.

And now I made my choice and I’ll be looking for someone who wants to give me a fair chance.

So you can’t ask for another chance or even a last one.

Because it’s not about how many chances you can give, it’s about who you’re giving them to.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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