To The Girl Who Always Wants More

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

You’re not crazy.

For loving and wanting to be loved. For falling (even for the wrong ones), for opening up your heart and breaking it and you’re not crazy for following your heart.

I know you’re sick of hearing the same old words people keep telling you; that it’s just your choices, that you deserve better,  that you need to end things before they even begin because he’s just not that into you and I know you’re tired of putting your heart on the line only for people to step on it.

I know you’re always wanting more from those who keep wanting less.

But this is the most unfair thing you can do to yourself because your heart was not made to love these people, your heart was not made to be buried inside your chest and your heart was not made to be forgotten.

Your heart was not made to be chill and act like it doesn’t feel, your heart was not made for casual flings or friends with benefits or no strings attached and your heart was not made to be half-loved or love from a distance.

You want more because your heart is hungry for love, the profound, all-consuming kind of love, you want the love that can truly bring your heart to life – your heart was made for the kind of love people write about, the kind of love people dream about and the kind of love that only the brave ones go after.

The problem with hearts like yours is that they’re so rare that it’s harder for them to find a home, it’s harder for them to be fed right and it’s harder for them to accept anything less than what they truly desire.

Wanting more is another way of saying you don’t want to settle.

Wanting more means you’re willing to give more.

Wanting more means you know you’re worth more.

Wanting more means you know that someone out there can give you more.

Wanting more means you’d rather be alone than be with someone who is almost there.

And wanting more means you’re willing to wait until you find it.

Because the world will tell that wanting more is unrealistic, that it’s impossible in the age of tinder, that you should settle for whatever you’re getting, that you should get used to inconsistency and taking things slow, that you should go out and date as many as possible so you don’t get attached to only one and the world will tell you that you have to act like you don’t care to get the ones you want.

But you know better, you know that people who want more don’t act like they don’t and people who are looking for more try to do things that attract it rather than repel it.

But whatever you do, don’t stop wanting more, don’t stop looking for love, don’t stop asking for more and don’t stop your heart from trying to find who it was made to beat for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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