18 Reasons Introverted Guys Make The Best Boyfriends


1. They don’t need a night to get crazy in order to have fun with you. 

Bar hopping can be a blast. But sometimes, you just want to spend time with someone without having to scream over loud music and gyrating bodies. Introverted guys, while fully capable of going out and having a good time, are always down to just curl up on the couch and enjoy being with you.

2. The relationships that they maintain are sincere, deep-rooted, and very special.

While they may not be the type to know every single person in the bar, the people that they do introduce you to are solid, loyal friends who would do anything for them, and vice versa.

3. They’re great at picking up nonverbal cues.

Sometimes it can be hard to convey that you’re upset about something – sometimes you might not even realize yourself that something’s bothering you. But introverted guys spend so much time observing others and studying human nature that they can always tell when you need to talk about something.

4. When they suggest that you guys ‘Netflix and chill’ tonight, they actually mean it.

No innuendoes. Nothing would make them happier than to plop down in front of the television and watch an entire season of your guys’ favorite show in one sitting.

5. They are full of surprises.

You’re always going to be learning something about them. While they may not walk around like an open book, with time you find a depth to them that you could have never even imagined when you first met them.

6. A date with them can be as romantic or relaxed as you want it to be.

Being shy doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of finding awesome dinner spots or unique date night options from places like Groupon. But they also know how to tone it down if you just want to go for a walk or sit in the park and talk.

7. They always come up with really heartfelt gifts.

Their gifts never cease to surprise you – and they always involve something really unique and personal that you didn’t even know they remembered. 

8. They cherish getting to know you one-on-one. 

They love asking questions. They love learning about who you were before they met you, and they want nothing more than to reach a level of closeness with you in which you can both open up to each other on an extremely personal level.    

9. But they won’t get jealous when you want to spend time being with your friends or getting work done.

They’re happy to do their own thing when you want to have a night out or need to get a lot done at the office, without ever questioning you or making you feel guilty.

10. Their focus will always be on the relationship, not themselves. 

They know how to look at the bigger picture, and when to acknowledge that something is bigger than themselves. Your relationship is their priority, and they always treat it (and you) with respect and care.

11. They never make you feel like you’re not good enough. 

Instead, they make you feel happy, cherished, and like you are always enough.

12. They aren’t constantly playing on their phone when they’re with you. 

Being introverted doesn’t mean that they hate socializing. On the contrary, connecting with others is very important to them, which is why they make sure that when you’re spending time together, they’re not wasting it by playing Candy Crush on their smartphone.

13. Listening is a very important part of the relationship for them.

They know that if the two of you aren’t paying attention to one another and what you have to say, the relationship doesn’t have a chance. So they always take what you say to heart.  

14. You never doubt their loyalty to you. 

They’re honest, sincere, and they mean what they say.

15. When you just need time to decompress, they get it. 

‘Needing time to decompress’ is their speciality. So when you’ve had it up to here with your job, your friends, or your family, you don’t need to explain to them why you need a little break from them, or reassure them that they’re still very important to you. They get it, no explanation needed.

16. They call when they say they’re gonna call. 

They aren’t interested in playing games or following rules.

17. Your relationship will always have room for growth.

It’s important for them to be with someone who they feel that they’re learning from, and who they can share themselves with. So your relationship will always be reaching new levels.

18. They look at you like you’re the only person in the room. 

Because in a sea of people, all they care about is their connection with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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