12 Women Reveal How They Knew That The Men They Were Dating Weren’t Serious About Them


1. It’s all about consistency.

“It’s really that simple. Once he stopped paying attention to me the way he used to and stopped making the effort to spend time with me, I knew he was either losing interest or interested in someone else. And to prove my point, when I confronted him, he didn’t try to fight for me. It was just done.” — Amy, 26


2. He wasn’t there when my dad got sick.

“When my dad had cancer, the guy I was dating at the time knew all about it and he never supported or comforted me during this hard time. It was like he wanted to avoid it all so he doesn’t feel ‘pressured’ to act like a boyfriend. That was when I knew there’s no way this guy was serious about me.” —Jessica, 25


3. His friends were hitting on me.

“Usually when a man is serious about you, he will tell his friends that you’re off limits, but when his friends started asking me out I was so frustrated that he didn’t even tell them that we were dating. It was obvious he didn’t take me seriously.” — Kim, 28


4. He would go days without texting me for no good reason.

“Texting is the easiest thing he can do and he couldn’t even keep that up, so I knew that if he wasn’t keeping the communication going then he definitely wouldn’t keep the relationship going.” — Amber, 23


5. He wouldn’t update me about what’s going on in his life.

“He would tell me the day of that he’s going out of town or that his sister is getting married. In my mind I’m thinking shouldn’t I be invited? But clearly we were not on the same page and he didn’t want me to be a big part of his life.” — Francesca, 24


6. His Instagram activity says it all.

“I noticed that he kept following a lot of girls from our town and would like a lot of their posts, I know some people think it’s stupid but it really isn’t — it means he met these girls and they exchanged info and they exchanged likes, so he definitely wasn’t settled on me.” — Mary, 25


7. They always bring it up in conversations, so LISTEN.

“One time we were having dinner and he told me he wasn’t ready for commitment because he feels too young for that and I stopped trying to believe I’m the exception if he’s not making me one.” — Lisa, 25


8. He only wanted to see me on weekdays.

“He was always out drinking and partying. He was living the bachelor’s life and wanted me only on weekdays when no one was out. He obviously didn’t want me to ruin his weekends or meet his friends — which is not what a guy does when he’s serious about you.” — Dannia, 25


9. He kept forgetting important things I’d tell him.

“He always forgot the important things I told him about me or my family which showed me that he wasn’t really paying attention to me or listening. He was cool with neglecting me so I neglected him.” — Trisha, 27


10. He was hitting on my friends.

“He was just so flirty with all of them and never made me feel special, even my friends were uncomfortable. If he was serious he would never make me look so small in front of my best friends. It was so embarrassing.” — Olga, 29


11. He never treated me like a lady.

“He never asked to pick me up, or texted me to make sure I got home safe or any of the little gestures that a guy who is trying to win or impress you would do. He just didn’t give a shit about these small things and these things make all the difference.” — Christine, 25


12. He was all bark and no bite.

“This guy I was dating promised me the moon and the stars but when it actually came to making things happen, he would always find an excuse or blame it on the weather or his usual ‘something came up.’ He was obviously busy promising these things to other women.” — Mirna, 26. TC mark

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