I’m Not Weak For Falling In Love


I’m not weak for allowing myself to feel, for opening up to someone and letting them see the parts of me that I used to hide from everyone else and for building bridges instead of walls.

I’m not weak for showing someone how much I care about them or even telling them that I do, I’d rather let them know exactly what they mean to me instead of playing games to show them that I don’t. I’m not weak for being real.

I’m not weak for giving someone a chance and giving them my undivided attention because attention means interest, it means curiosity, it means investment and it means I’m done swiping left and right and I’m ready to get to know you.

I’m not weak for making time for someone I care about even if society tells me that I should act busy to seem more attractive, but I think it’s more attractive when you’re busy and you still make time to see someone and I think it’s attractive to let someone know how special they are.

I’m not weak for revealing too much or saying too much because being guarded is cool and it’s safe but it’s not sincere, it’s not where you find the spark, it’s not where you find the depth and it’s not where you find the vulnerability.

Falling in love is not weakness, it’s only weakness when you try to run away from it, when you try to sabotage it, when you try to play with it, when you treat it like a game and when you keep pushing it away every time it knocks on your door. 

It’s only weakness when you want it to heal your ego not your heart, when you only the attention, when you only want to know that you’re wanted and when you’re more interested in taking than giving and when you break fragile hearts instead of nursing them.

Because love requires bravery, it requires courage and strength and it requires fearlessness.

Love needs someone who is not afraid of rejection, who is not willing to give up on it, who will never get tired of looking for it and someone who believes in it no matter how much it keeps hurting them.

And if you think falling in love is weakness then you were never strong enough to love, you were never strong enough to feel, you were never strong enough to give your heart to someone and you were never strong enough to break your own heart.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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