17 Guys On The Number One Non-Physical Trait They’re Attracted To In A Woman

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1. “I watch how she interacts with other women. If she’s kind and warm, I’m almost always attracted to her. If she sizes up every woman she meets like it’s a drama fest waiting to happen, I’m already 50 miles in the opposite direction.”

–Nathan, 24

2. “The way she holds herself. Confident, can look people in the eye, open, that sort of thing.”

–Derrick, 28

3. “I love a woman who’s very knowledgable and passionate about one specific thing. Obviously I love smart women in general, but when she’s really excited about one subject in great detail, I just think it’s super attractive to see someone care about something that strongly.”

–Caleb, 30

4. “A warm, bright smile. I know that’s technically physical, but when you meet someone who just smiles constantly and is very generous in giving out their smile, it’s a personality thing too.”

–Lee, 26

5. “Someone who is friendly but who you can also tell will not put up with bullshit. That level of confidence and self-assurance is a total turn on.”

–Jeffery, 27

6. “A girl who can joke around back and forth with my friends. That’s awesome.”

–Erick, 25

7. “Authenticity.”


8. “People don’t look each other in the eye anymore. So when I’m talking to a woman who just stares right at me and isn’t afraid to look away, and then kind of silently challenges me to do the same – I’m all about that.”

–Dominic, 29

9. “Any girl who can sing or play the guitar or any musical instrument will have me instantly in love with them.”

–Mathew, 23

10. “Her laugh. A cute laugh is contagious and adorable and irresistible. And a screechy, annoying laugh is a death sentence to the relationship.”

–Warren, 26

11. “That she can have fun and goof around but isn’t afraid of looking stupid or being silly. I’m on a coed intramural kickball team and there’s one girl who’s just horrible at kickball but she has the most fun of everyone in every game. It’s a really attractive quality.”

–Chris, 24

12. “That she’s ambitious. I know there are a lot of douchebags who are threatened by that sort of thing but there’s also a lot of us who love that and are looking for girls like that.”

–Terence, 30

13. “Energy, a sense of adventure, spontaneity.”

–Ross, 25

14. “My girlfriend remembers the name of every single person she’s ever met and is always really nice and warm – it’s contagious and everybody wants to be around her at every party or social thing. I love that about her.”

–Michael, 28

15. “Someone who’s traveled a lot and knows a lot about the world. A woman like that means you’ll never run out of anything to talk about on a date.”

–Roger, 27

16. “When you can tell she’s really close to her family. That’s always a huge thing for me.”

–Clint, 26

17. “Her sense of humor. Number one thing I look for, absolutely.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

–Jake, 24

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