30 Signs You’re Officially Ready To Turn 30

Benjamin Child
Benjamin Child

1. Sleeping early never felt so good.

2. You need a whole day to recover from a long night out.

3. You would rather ‘chill’ than do anything else.

4. You actually want to get things done on time instead of procrastinating.

5. You have a newfound appreciation for silence, nature and anything that gives you peace of mind.

6. You start filtering the people in your life and only spend time with the ones you can relate to and connect deeply with.

7. Your Facebook timeline is now full of baby pictures and wedding photos.

8. Your parents start asking you when you’re getting married instead of asking who you’re dating.

9. You post more inspirational quotes and less selfies.

10. You transition from cocktails to wine. Wine is a way of life.

11. You go to bars to have conversations and leave if it’s too loud.

12. You start to watch what you eat because your body is not as kind as it used to be.

13. You don’t have the patience to date casually anymore. You actually want to know where things are going.

14. You don’t consult as many people as you used to before making a decision, you can actually trust your gut now.

15. You keep looking for ways to make more money and spend less.

16. You willingly go to your parents for advice and you actually take it.

17. You look at pictures of JLo and Jennifer Aniston and feel better about aging.

18. You stop relating to Taylor swift & Ed Sheeran when they include their age in their songs.

19. You realize that you’ve actually gone through a lot of stuff that officially makes you an ‘adult.’

20. You slowly stop caring about what others think of you.

21. You are more confident in yourself and your abilities.

22. You are more interested in politics and world news. You watch CNN more than E!.

23. You start thinking about putting your money in the stock market.

24. You graduated 10 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.

25. You can’t keep up with all the new teen bands and you’re always asking ‘who’s signing?’

26. You get excited about home furniture sales than outfit sales.

27. You use sunscreen every single day.

28. Your wardrobe consists of three colors: black, white and gray.

29. You start to collect coupons and actually use them.

30. You relate more to people in their thirties and find yourself more drawn to them.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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