‘Let’s Just Stay In Bed’ And 7 Other Little Things Guys Love To Hear From Their Girlfriends

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Have you been dating for a while and are trying to figure out how to keep your relationship exciting and fresh? It all starts with a bit of conversation.

People don’t use their words as often as they should. Or, when they do, they don’t put much thought into what they’re going to say. They don’t think about the effect of their words.

But there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to say just the right things. And I promise you that saying the right thing is the difference between making and breaking a relationship.

While it does take two to tango, it’s always good to know what the guy enjoys hearing the most. Keep in mind that it’s not so much about the words themselves; rather, it’s about the context behind them.

1. “You wanna do it in the bathroom?”

I know that you’ve wondered if the rumors were true, and they are. Men like sex. Like, a lot.

But more importantly, keeping the sexual relationship fresh and exciting — by, say, having sex in public places — will help your relationship continue to prosper.

Even if he’s reluctant to having sex in the bathroom at first, he’ll come around. And then he’ll love it every time you grab his hand and lead him off into some dark corner.

2. “Are these jeans too tight on my ass?”

We know you’re asking him whether or not you look fat. But for him, it’s a reason to shamelessly check you out.

You want to go and try on multiple outfits and ask him his opinion? I’m sure he won’t mind. I’m sure he’ll help zip up your dress if you ask him to, and he’ll certainly unzip it instead if the mood strikes — which it tends to when one of you is already half-naked.

3. “You wanna just stay home and watch Netflix?”

Guys come in different shapes and sizes. Some prefer remaining more active, going on adventures and keeping a fast pace.

Then we have others that like to kick it and chill — all the time. No matter what category your man falls into, I’m sure if you offer a good movie, some popcorn, some wine and some cuddling, he’ll happily accept.

He likes just kicking it with you; he feels like he can be himself.

4. “I brought home some take-out.”

One of the best ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I haven’t met a guy that doesn’t love to eat.

More importantly than that, though, is that by thinking of him in these sorts of ways, you remind him how much you care. It doesn’t have to actually be food. It could be something as simple as picking him up some cold medicine on your way back home from work because you noticed he had sniffles the night before. It could be picking up a book that you think he might like.

Whatever it is, remind him that you care about him regularly; he’ll never tire of hearing it.

5. “Let’s do something silly.”

Life is never boring when you make silly things a habit. Going on adventures as a couple is crucial to maintaining a fun and romantic relationship.

But you don’t need to go across the world to find an adventure. You can create an adventure in your own neighborhood. Go walk around where you’re not supposed to. Break some rules (but not any laws). Do something that gets your blood pumping.

6. “Let’s just stay in bed and not get up.”

Anyone else a huge fan of lazy Sundays? There’s no better way to spend a Sunday morning and afternoon than in bed with the one that you love.

Lie there. Chat. Cuddle. Engage in a bit of foreplay. Whatever it is, just be with each other. You don’t need to always be doing stuff — you should be able to enjoy each other’s company while doing absolutely nothing.

7. “Wow. That was f*cking awesome.”

Inflating your man’s ego isn’t always the best idea. But I’d recommend it from time to time.

A man likes to feel like a man — and nothing makes him feel more like a man than knowing that he’s satisfying you sexually. Don’t lie about your reaction. But when his performance is mind-blowing, let him know. Believe me, he didn’t do it by accident. Making a woman orgasm is certainly a conscious and focused effort.

8. “I love you.”

The man that loves you will never, ever tire of hearing that you love him. Everyone needs this reassurance, even if you’ve been together for years — hell, especially if you’ve been together for years.

There isn’t a more beautiful set of three words in the English language. Why not say them more often? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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