Most Harvard Students Are Virgins, And Other Fun Facts

The Harvard freshman class has a lot going for them. Most graduated top of their class, and their average salary upon graduation is north of $60,000. One thing Harvard freshman lack? Carnal knowledge.

Only 35% of Harvard freshman have ever had sex. Nationwide, 47% of students have sex before they graduate high school.

Some other interesting findings from the Harvard Crimson’s Incoming Freshman Survey:

-22% of incoming Harvard freshman have tried marijuana. Less than 1% have tried cocaine.

-14% come from families making more than $500,000 (“the 1%”). Only 15% come from families making less than $40,000 (over 40% of the U.S. population). Students in the highest income bracket had the highest average SAT scores.

X. Pam Chang - The Harvard Crimson.
X. Pam Chang – The Harvard Crimson.

-42% admitted to having cheated in high school, at least on a homework assignment. Men were more likely to have cheated than women.

-24% identified as “religious” or “very religious”

The good news?

73% of Harvard-ies get laid before they leave school. And that, plus a $60,000 salary, is pretty darn good.

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