15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A True INFJ

Brooke Shemaria
Brooke Shemaria

INFJs are such difficult people. They live in their inner world, but they also have to deal with life on Earth. Let’s analize them and discover what they actually think and feel.

1. We love and have an affinity for depressing music.
People always tell me that I listen to depressing and sad music. That’s not true. Of course I always pay attention to the lyrics and sometimes it happens to be actually sad…but most of the time INFJs appreciate the calming and understanding sound that comes out of acoustic ballads. Nothing wrong with hip hop or happier songs, but there’s no comparison between pounding drums and a really soft piano. It’s just more compatible with our inner side, kind of sad for others, but mysteriously full of magic.

2. We can also have serious case of resting bitch face.
Sorry, it’s not about you, it’s about us! We are just extremely shy when it happens to meet new people. But I can garantee you if you make the first move we would become a lot more friendly and outgoing.

3. We put a great amount of importance over tidying up.
We simply don’t understand how someone can live happily in their own chaos. We love tidying up, organizing our stuff, keeping our books and notebooks clean. Try to understand us: our brain is such a mess! Let at any rate our bedroom be tidy

4. People are surprised by our sort of unexpected communication skills.
We’re introvert, so no one expects us to have such notable communication skills. People think about introverts like people always sitting aside, alone and lost in our thoughts. But when it comes to telling advices or creating stories, we become the most extroverted people in the world. We can talk for hours, if we are in the right company. Just like we are great writers, we can be amazing talkers too. And, oh oh, we are able to influence you with our open mind and make you change your ideas in a minute.

5. But we can be total couch potatoes.
We kind of love going out with friends…sometimes. But yeah, deep down we prefer our safe home. Nothing wrong with you, guys, but sometimes what we only need is to stay home enjoying our own company. We refill ourselves being alone. It’s an introverted thing, you wouldn’t understand.

6. We always want to be there for others.
We LOVE helping others, we just love it. It makes us feel satysfied, happy and realized. It’s our biggest goal: a world full of peace between people, realized by giving our help. Most of the times you will see us sacrifice ourselves for others. But please, avoid exploit us. We don’t like. No one likes it! We would burn bridges with you in the exact second we understand that you’re taking advantages of us. (see number 9)

7. Our unconditional and forever way of loving others is a huge part of us.
We live in an age where love has lost the importance and long duration it had before. In our point of view, love is totalizing and endless. If we fall in love -and it’s not so easy- we stay in love forever, no matter what the circumstances are. It’as as simple and as complicated as that.

8. We have no time for small talk.
Please don’t talk about weather. We don’t care about weather, we care about galaxies dancing, life in the universe, antique poetry and making ridiculous future plans.

9. We have no problem cutting people out of our lives.
Ok, I said that if we love, we love forever, but what happens when someone break up with us or mistreat us? Well, we would suffer at all. For months, years, maybe for a lifetime. We would beg you to stay at first, then we would cry ourselves to sleep every night, write beautiful sad poems and maybe even get angry. But when we feel it’s over, it’s over. It can happen behind schedule, but who cares? We don’t even hate. We don’t seek for revenge. We just cut bad people out of our life showing massive indifference. Indifference hurts more than hate, just saying. Unconscious revenge, lol.

10. Trends don’t matter to us at all.
You will never see an INFJ loving that movie everyone talks about. Probably, we would hate it. I don’t even know why this happen with us, but it’s so. We’re tormented soul, we can’t adapt.

11. We’re highly intuitive – it’s almost psychic.
I’ll tell you a secret: we see things before they happen! We’re modern Sybils, predicting our future almost every day. We can see if you are sad or have some kind of problems before you can even detect it yourself. If we tell you you’re relationship is going to end soon, please believe it! Our advices are important, don’t underestimate their power: we see above semblance.
No one follow their intuition better than an INFJ. Intuition can’t be wrong. Ever.

12. We have trouble saying what we’re thinking.
Sometimes we’re overwhelmed. Our brain works faster than a heartbeat, we have galaxies inside, we need to help others and we also have to follow our sense. Not really easy to keep, right? Too much of everything runs our mind and sometimes we need a break and we have to break down. Stress and depression are our enemies and we find solace in resting with ourselves for a little bit. That’s why we cut you off sometimes. That’s why we need to stay home and cry. That’s why writing can be helpful, even if our journal those days have no meaning. We don’t talk about our problems, we like to keep them inside and it can be painful in the long term. So wee need to stay away from life for a bit and unload. Plus crying help us relieve stress and bad feelings we don’t need in our lives.

13. We’re the quintessential old soul.
Disco? Lounge bar? Party? No, please. We don’t understand today’s young people entertainement. They’re pointless. We don’t like to get drunk (our mind is kind of naturally drunk), we don’t dance in public and most of all we don’t talk to strangers. So our idea of entertainement in our free time would be reading Shakespeare in front of a cup of tea, maybe listening to the noise of a pouring rain outside, cuddling in our sheets or talking with our best friends about books and aliens. Awww that’s so relaxing!

14. We’re set in our ways and do what we want.
Despite what people think, seeing us so shy and tender, we follow our own paths without letting us be influenced by stuff. We think a lot, remember? Our own mind rules our world.

15. We are our own worst critics.
Like we seek for perfection in our relationships, we also search perfection in ourselves. We’re extremely selective in our lives, we want everything to be in place, we need organization and charme. We always have to find the best way to make others happy, that in reflection makes us happy too. And in an unperfect world…maybe that’s why we’re so conflicted! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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