I Had An Orgasm In The Middle Of Class, This Is What I Was Thinking About


You see her standing in the middle of the room and think that she doesn’t belong there. Her yellow sundress makes her look like the ambassador of summer. Her short red hair, with eyebrow length fringe makes her look like a pixie which doesn’t belong to this planet. Vall isn’t meant for this world and she seems to know it. She is graceful and exquisite- so completely unabashed, and so completely different from Naas. You look at Naas and see that she has no idea what to do with her long curly black hair. She seems to love that grey pullover more than anything – why else would she wear it for everyday of the week. Unless she is a wallflower. Maybe that’s what Naas is – a beautiful wallflower with a bad self body image. She doesn’t seem to realize that men are attracted to her; attracted to her even in her moth avatar.

When Naas meets Vall, she realizes that she has found someone who can hold her attention for more than a minute- oh so much more than a minute. She is captivated by her. Enthralled and positively enchanted.

Of course Naas realizes that it is so inappropriate – at so many levels. First of all – she is straight. She has always been straight. Even had a couple of ex- boyfriends and broken hearts to her credit. She wonders if it is okay to be gay for just one person in the whole wide world. Is it okay to be “straight but Vall”?

Secondly, Vall is her professor. Mesmerized, of course –but she is in VALL’S class. Is it wrong to wonder what your teacher looks like in lace lingerie?

Is it okay to wonder what your professor’s vagina feels like when it was drenched in its own water?

The imminent possibility of genuine classroom foreplays in the bedroom awakens the sex goddess in Naas. Her thoughts run far and wide and turn her on. In this moment you thank your gods. You have been looking at her for a while and now you can see her protruding nipples through the thick grey pullover. The room temperature is the same but her insides have shriveled up – dilating her pupils, arching her back, tingling the bottom of her belly, making her moist. She had never imagined that she would be wet in the middle of Psychology 101.

When she sees Vall her imagination fires up – the lights of the ever expanding lecture theatre go dim, the sprawling student populace empties out, and they aren’t so far apart anymore. She stares into her eyes, trying so hard to say something that would impress this divinity of a woman; all she comes up with is “Only 6% of the people in the world have green eyes”. Vall blushes; Naas leans in and kisses her. It feels gratifying. She then puts both her hands on Vall’s hips. With a swift slide she brushes her hands all the way to Vall’s shoulders and in a sultry motion slides both the thin straps of the sundress from the juncture. The dress comes unhinged and drops on the ground like a man that lets the edge of the cliff go.

She reaches out and unclasps the bra in a snap and Vall smiles. A smile that seems to say that no man has had ever been able to do that. Naas dives down towards her belly, caressing her whole body with the tip of her nose. She gives her hip bone a lavish and gorging lick, before digging her teeth in her tiny waist. She slowly reaches up to her breasts and places her whole mouth on the right boob. With a sucking motion she rotates her tongue over the nipple in a repeated and rhythmic fashion. It is a crude motion but it makes her whimper. Vall grabs Naas’s hair, asking her to go on. Naas places one hand on the other boob and the other hand on the ass and motions her to place herself on the lecturer’s desk. Naas strips; Vall watches. Then she slowly climbs up on all top of Vall on her all fours. Her breasts are so much more voluptuous than Vall’s. Their nipples touch as Naas’s breasts dangle in air. She arches her back and dips down to lick her collar bone. Vall reaches out and feels the dampness of Naas’s clitoris. It sends goose bumps all over her naked, exposed body.

In this moment Naas looks up, thinking she has heard somebody. Then she sees you walking towards them from the front row, and realizes that you have been watching all this while. Vall realized Naas has stopped and they both stare at you as you approach and tug at Naas’s hair to pull her up to give her a satiated, open mouth kiss. You act like you are supposed to be there.

They don’t seem surprised. They watch expressionlessly as you take off your t-shirt and unbutton your pants. You pick up Naas and put her on table as you climb on top of her. You command Vall to stand, facing you, her legs on either side of Naas. You enter Naas with as much ease as is possible, but remember that she is wet for her, not you. While you thrust inside her, you run your fingers along Vall’s hips, moving to her inner thigh and with a maneuver you put two fingers deep inside her. Possibly as deep as you are inside Naas. You find her clitoris and taste its sweetness with your tongue. Naas wraps her legs around your ass, like accepting you finally, and starts moving with your rhythm.

She reaches out and grabs Vall’s ass and smacks it as hard as he can, making a sound that reverberates in the theatre. You move your fingers out of Vall’s vagina and continue eating her while Naas replace your fingers in Vall’s vagina from behind and Vall cries out, passionately playing with her own hair for the pleasure is driving her crazy. You realize that Naas is so, so very close to reaching an apogee, you can’t see her, but you can feel her getting wetter by the minute. You start thrusting harder, deeper, faster; with intensity that disregards her humanness. Naas starts moving her fingers deeper and faster inside Vall; and you start nibbling on her clitoris, sucking on it and releasing it successively. You spit on it and keep eating her out. You reach around and pinch her ass in the most sinfully dirty way. You spank her, hear her scream, and continued doing it in the crudest way possible. Vall trembles with delight and literally starts shaking; pulling your hair with one hand and excruciatingly embracing her own breasts with the other hand.

Vall comes first and screams a scream that sounds louder in an empty theatre. With one last raw, defiling, disheveling thrust you come along with Naas; her and your wetness mixing together. You have never, ever come so hard. Naas has never felt so exhausted, yet so ecstatic.

As she realizes that she has just come, in reality, in the middle of the class, with no other help but her own imagination – she lets out a slow, but audible moan. The entire class seems to have heard it. They stare at her for a few seconds, nobody comprehending the meaning of a moan in the middle of Psychology 101. Except you. You shoot a smirk at Naas. And it confirms what she already knows. In some parallel universe, in a world way preferable than this, her imagination is her reality. She aches to be there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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