21 Signs You're Absolutely In Love

21 Signs You’re Absolutely In Love

Being in love is definitely the best feeling anyone ever experienced. There is no definite way to tell when and how you fall in love. It just happens. Usually when you ask yourself ‘am I in love?’, it’s most likely that you’ve already fallen in love. According to relationship experts and science, people do experience the signs listed below when they are in love.

1. You think of them all the time : whenever you have a free moment, that person’s face shows up and you want to be with them all the time if you can. Doing even a mundane thing is fun with them.

2. You can’t help but enjoy looking at them all the time. You can’t get enough of them. And if your love language is physical touch, you definitely want to have physical contact (even PG-rated) with them all the time as well.

3. You want all your friends and family to know them and like them. When the time is right, you want them to meet and see how great this person is. You can’t help showing them off to everyone.

4. No matter how busy you are, you always find time to be with them. They become a priority to you, even among other hectic schedules. You want to build a great relationship with them so you invest your time and effort to be with them. Texts and calls will serve to keep and grow the connection until you two see each other again.

5. You want to know everything about them. It seems endless the things you find out about them. Everything about them is interesting and intriguing to you.

6. You compromise. You’re aware that you won’t get everything your way. Being with them makes you reprioritize your wants and needs. You want them to be happy so you learn to pick a battle. But somehow compromising feels so effortless with this person.

7. No obstacle is too much. You’re aware of obstacles for a relationship to work out with this person. But you’re determined and confident that you will overcome them.

8. You let them know how you feel towards them. Love is a magical (and overwhelming) feeling. You can’t keep it to yourself. You want them to know how you feel and how much they mean to you.

9. You share your stories with them. As much as you want to know about them, you also want to share your life stories with them. You want them to know your past, your experiences, your hopes and dreams for the future. They’re also the first person you think of when you have good or bad news.

10. Their flaws don’t freak you out or scare you away. Nobody is perfect. And somehow this person’s imperfections are so perfect to you.

11. You’re very proud of them even for the smallest achievement. You become their biggest fan. You’re supportive of their ideas. You love seeing them being passionate about the things they enjoy doing.

12. Your body language and words seem to be in sync. It’s totally normal when you’re in love that you find yourself do or say some phrases the exact same way they do. You probably finish each other’s sentences.

13. Having their support makes you feel stronger and more confident. You start feeling like a superhero with super power when you have support and encouragement from them. You can conquer anything as long as they’re there for you.

14. You have them in your plans when you look into your future. When you’re in love, you plan your future with that person in the picture. You realize that they are now a part of your journey.

15. You’re jealous of the time they spend with someone else. A bit of jealousy is actually a good thing and normal when you’re in love especially at the beginning. You want to be the most important person to them so when they spend time or pay attention to somebody else, you can’t help feeling jealous. A good communication helps. And once the trust is built between you two, it’s no longer an issue.

16. You want to make them happy and help them with whatever you can. Love usually means being happy. So, when you’re in love, you strive to make that person happy. You don’t mind getting out of your way to do whatever you can to please them.

17. You genuinely care about how they feel. Their feelings mean a lot to you. So, you learn to actively listen and ask questions so you understand them better.

18. You’re ok with gross stuff. You don’t mind taking care of them when they’re sick. Actually you love nurturing them regardless.

19. You feel scared if the feelings are not reciprocated. Being in love makes you vulnerable. You’re scared of ‘what if’ they don’t feel the same way.

20. You’re nervous. You always want to be at your best behavior when you’re with them, especially at the beginning. But with the right person, you’re also at ease being yourself.

21. You want to be a better person. With all items above, it comes down to you want to be a better person when you’re in love with someone. You want them to be proud of you. The feeling pushes you to do better, try harder to be the best possible version of yourself.

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