Here’s What Your Rising Sign Says About Your Appearance, According To Medical Astrology

Many of you are probably thinking, “How the heck can the planets influence how we look? That’s nonsense!”

As astrology has grown increasingly popular, we see the eye rolls from people thinking it can barely influence our personality as is, let alone our bodies or looks. All the while, many people overlook that medical astrology can answer these questions pertaining to the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit.

Post-industrial society has come to sobering realizations that it’s not just genetic predispositions causing chronic illness—it’s our diets, lifestyles, and more importantly, our thoughts. If our brains are the powerhouse of our bodies, then it has the power to tell our body on unconscious levels how to heal and operate.

Through the lens of medical astrology, what manifests on the inside surfaces on the outside. Which is why we always look at subtle changes in our appearances to determine anything off about our health. The behavioral and energy patterns of each zodiac sign is reflected in their lifestyle and health choices, which in turn reveals the nature versus nurture dynamic that shapes each of their appearances.

More specifically, the area of appearance is best understood through our rising (AKA ascendant) signs. Your rising sign is the zodiac sign that was ascending on the horizon at your exact time of birth. It is not the same as your Sun sign, which is based on a general set of dates. Marking the first house cusp, it rules over all matters of new beginnings, appearance, style, independence, and our sense of self-identity. It’s the ultimate precedent of everything you were, are, or will become.

You can still check your Sun signs and somewhat resonate with the descriptions below. Especially if your Sun sign is also a few other signs. However, appearance in context of astrology is best understood through the ascendant/rising sign. Check both for further insight on your personal situation.

Here’s what your rising sign means for your appearance:

Aries Rising

With Mars on the ascendant, you have a juvenescent appearance that is supple yet commanding. You have bright and alluring eyes with a generally nice complexion.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: square or oblong

Eye Shape: upturned or almond

Style: Ranges from athleisure to street wear to casual grunge. Favors dark and red hues.

Ruling Parts: blood, eyes, face, brain, and head

Eyes: The bright and upturned eye shape has this “I’m over it” vibe. Along with the natural look, you sure do rock it.

Face/head: A rounded or oblong face shape, often with a minor receding hairline or pronounced forehead or brow area. The women may feel self-conscious wearing their hair up for this reason. It’s common for this placement to experience “late bloomer” syndrome, such as late braces, weight loss, or aesthetic changes.

Blood/hormones: Hormones travel through our blood, so it’s no wonder why many Aries ascendants have a flushed or oily complexion. It’s common for this placement to have more severe skin blemishes at a much younger age compared to their peers.

Because of overactive hormones playing into your younger experiences, you started out self-conscious until you reached late adolescence. You then start to blossom and grow into yourself while everyone else’s appearance burns out. The plus side over all else: You age well.

Taurus Rising

With Venus on the ascendant, you have quintessential beauty. The men and women alike have symmetrical and sculpted faces and bodies, whether you’re on the curvy or athletic side.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: heart or diamond

Eye Shape: closed set or slightly protruding

Style: Bougie boho, athleisure, or country chic. Favors Earthly colors such as olive, tan, juniper, cream, mustard, etc.

Ruling Parts: tongue, throat, and neck

Tongue: You’re quite cheeky with high rise cheek bones and plump lips. My theory is that Taurus ascendants are uniquely attractive for a specific reason: good tongue posture comes intuitively for them. You’re all too familiar with being called out on your RBF, even though you’re usually kind. Some people may even consider you darling!

Throat: Considering tongue posture is conditioned based on your diet (swallowing and chewing habits), lifestyles, linguistics, and other factors, your musical or vocal inclinations also contribute to your well defined facial features. This may have something to do with this placement’s strong clairvoyant, musical, and naturalistic abilities considering correct tongue posture activates the pineal gland.

Neck: Your neck is either long or wide, depending on your lifestyle growing up. Your neck either adds to your attractiveness, or you may have a double chin or lack much of a chin to begin with. Remember that with the tongue activating the pineal gland, you drift off into deep thought, unaware you may be scrunching your neck. Be mindful of this and correct your neck posture.

Gemini Rising

With Mercury on the ascendant, your appearance is unembellished yet prominent. A well-defined Cupid’s bow and/or lips are a signature of this placement. Even if your lips aren’t plump or you consider them “thin”, their puckered shape is considered attractive.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: oblong or square

Eye Shape: protruding or downturned

Style: Either simplistic or a bit avant-garde. Casual wear, simply chic, festive, dresses for the occasion. Favors lively yet flattering colors.

Ruling Parts: shoulders, nervous system, hands, fingers, arms, ribs, lungs

Shoulders/nervous system: This placement generally has a supple and slender build, though the shoulders are slightly broad. Either way, this doesn’t stop you from regularly wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts.

Hands/fingers/arms: Your unconventional self-expression is often expressed through jewelry (namely rings, bracelets, or watches), piercings, and/or tattoos. Arm or finger tattoos may also be up your alley. You may also find that many people tell you that your hands are soft, even if you don’t regularly moisturize.

Ribs/lungs: Your waistline is likely slender or well defined. Favorable for athletes and singers, as many stars share this placement. People sometimes wonder whether you run out of breath.

Cancer Rising

With the Moon on the ascendant, you have a soft and doll like appearance. You have batted lashes with the slight lip pucker, making you unsuspecting yet alluring. The woman’s femininity is more pronounced, while the man has a gentle yet well-groomed appearance.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: round, square or oval

Eye Shape: upturned, wide set, or rounded

Style: Business casual, preppy, athleisure, or sophisticated chic. Favors neutral and cool pastels such as silver, gray, navy, creme, lavender, etc.

Ruling Parts: breasts, diaphragm, stomach, sternum, chest

Breasts/chest/sternum: You may have a well defined sternum and chest area. Lifted or sculpted breasts more specifically for the ladies, whereas pecs may be more prominent on the men. If you don’t resonate, then consider certain chest exercises and yoga stretches. Because the chest is your ruling part, your body is more receptive in this general area.

Stomach/diaphragm: Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, you may have a smaller or easily susceptible abdominal region. It may look like you have abs or can seemingly achieve them easier than the average person. On the other hand, you may find your weight easily fluctuates whenever you’re stressed or upset. This placement is characterized by your metabolism and appetite working on your emotional biorhythms; therefore, it’s important to be mindful of stress eating and the nutritional value of your diets.

Leo Rising

Having the Sun on the ascendant, you may have been told on a few occasions that you “glow differently”. Sometimes people can’t tell whether your personality makes you attractive or if your attractiveness magnetizes your personality. One minute you’re a relatable Stan with the sneakers, ball cap, and tee. The next minute, you go out with bang in your bold red top or snazzy tux.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: square, diamond, or heart

Eye Shape: hooded or downturned

Style: Athleisure, haute couture, preppy, or casual chic. Isn’t too color picky, though drawn to warmer colors such as red, pink, gold, brown, beige, etc.

Ruling parts: heart, back, and spine

Heart: Ruler of the heart, you literally wear your heart on your sleeve. You may be drawn to turtle necks, v-necks, or anything that shows off your heart area. Because the ladies are usually blessed in the chest region (or a strong lack thereof), one strap or strapless tops are a flattering fashion staple. Because the heart is connected to the circulatory system, you may even have a rosy or blush complexion, especially during physical activity.

Back/spine: Your posture is what makes or breaks your confidence. You might have a “cool kid” walk that flows and goes. A nice back usually makes for a nice backside, which is another trait this placement is often blessed with. The men often prefer being shirtless, whereas the women flaunt open back pieces.

Virgo Rising

With Mercury on the ascendant, your appearance is known for being sharp, clean, and well-presented. Tending to your look’s minutiae is the reason you have simplistic and youthful beauty that is hard to come by. You have a ‘less is more’ approach to how you dress, makeup, accessories, and hairstyle that commands with the subtle details.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: diamond or oval

Eye Shape: downturned or semi-wide set

Style: Sophisticated chic, sex-in-the-city vogue, modest fashion, or athleisure. Strongly drawn to white, mauve, olive, navy, or colors that are aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes.

Ruling Parts: pancreas, digestive system, and nervous system

Pancreas/digestive system: This placement is known for being health and diet conscious. You have a softer complexion that contributes to your youthful appearance. Ruler of the gut and all “gut feelings”, it also checks out to why you have a discerning look with a well defined forehead and brow area. Your cheek bones contribute to a subtly puckered lip that is attractive (though not as seductive as the Gemini rising).

Nervous system: While it’s common to see this placement have a slender, meek, or supple body type, even natives with a more stout build are often blessed with athletic or other physical abilities such as dancing, strength sports like cheer, etc. Regardless of size, a heightened nervous system contributes to a health conscious personality that manifests in the ways mentioned (though genetics and other factors outside astrology should always be considered).

Libra Rising

With Venus on the ascendant, you have the ‘girl next door’ (or ‘boy next door’) appearance that is sweet and seducing. You have a symmetrical and cheeky appearance similar to the Taurus rising, though your attributes shine more through your smile and nose area. The men often have well-groomed facial hair while the women commonly have dimples.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: oblong, diamond, or square

Eye Shape: almond or upturned

Style: Classy couture, streetwear, casual chic, or cute comfortable. Generally favors the cooler hues such as navy, lavender, white, gray, blush pink, etc.

Ruling parts: kidneys, lower back, and buttocks

Kidneys: Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from the body and maintaining body equilibrium. For this reason, kidneys as your ruling part predisposes you to stronger (or weaker with a bad lifestyle) kidneys. On one hand, you have a considerably nice complexion. Libra placements are known for their impeccable aging abilities.

On the other hand, getting off track with your diet and sleep routine makes you more susceptible to dark under eye circles—you may find you have a continual issue with subtly dark under eyes despite a healthy lifestyle. This is because anything our kidneys experience is shown through our eyes, which is also why you may be susceptible to UTIs of any sort. Be sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B12 in your diet or opt into a supplement or consider facial yoga under eye stretches.

Lower back/buttocks: Ruler of the backside, you may find you’re more blessed in your booty and lower back region than other areas, whether you have a juicy or bodacious behind or a ‘bubble butt’. Thunder thighs or thin gracious legs are also considered a favorable attribute.

Scorpio Rising

With Pluto on the ascendant, your appearance is enigmatic, with a little more spice than sugar and nice. A bit somber yet soul deep, you can either have the healer or sad girl/boy persona. You’re a dark horse with a darker and more erotic style and taste.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: oblong, diamond, or round

Eye Shape: round or upturned

Style: Sophisticated sexy, casual grunge, rocker chic, or comfy casual. Favors shades of black, red, and gray. Can also favor exotic colors and animal prints.

Ruling parts: nose, blood, reproductive system, and pelvis

Nose/blood: You may have a cute, twitchy nose that makes you unsuspecting yet quite attractive in your appearance. Along with your deep gazing eyes, your nose also creates an atmosphere of mystery and sexual allure around you.

Reproductive system: Rumor has it that Scorpios are best in bed, and there’s a reason for this. Pluto rules over birth and death, and having it rule your physiology means you have a strong sexual component to your vibe and overall appearance. You have no problem showing skins or being frank with your sexuality, whether it be your style or body itself.

Pelvis: Ruler of the pelvis and reproductive system, the women are more likely to have love handles while the men generally have thinner hips but well-defined pelvic areas. It’s no wonder why belts are some of your favorite accessories, whereas you prefer shorter cut or tucked in shirts.

Sagittarius Rising

With Jupiter on the ascendant, your jocular personality presents itself through your flashy smile, bright eyes, and vibrant style. Your best asset is your legs and walk. Your teeth and smile border perfection (some say they’re horse-like, but in a positive way).

Defining Traits

Face Shape: round, rectangle, or diamond

Eye Shape: almond or downturned

Style: Athleisure, streetwear, simply sexy, or classy boho. Favors shades of light blues and greens. Including complementary shades of orange such as peach, coral, or marmalade. Any Earthly colors as well.

Ruling Parts: hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, and liver

Hips: Ruler of the hips, many with this placement have either the hourglass body shape or bottom fitted in some shape or form—whether it’s a well-defined hip and pelvic area, love handles, or perhaps a bodacious backside—regardless of body size.

Thighs/sciatic nerve: Because this placement is generally athletic or active, it’s no wonder why you likely have nice legs. Whether it’s the lovely thunder thighs or the slender and sculpted legs, you have a graceful yet commanding walk that comes almost effortlessly for you. Makes sense to why this is a common placement for models or fitness gurus.

Liver: Despite your carefree personality slowing down the aging process, ruling the liver usually equips you with a strong one. Liver health is a key indicator of how you manage your outer beauty. You have a naturally glowing complexion that ages like fine wine. Likewise, you have an interest in beauty and fashion, even if you don’t pursue a career in it.

Capricorn Rising

With Saturn on the ascendant, you have a mature, sophisticated, and mysterious element to your appearance. You’re somewhere between a seductive plain Jane and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. Besides the “mhmm” vibe your slight pucker and stern expression gives off, you also have something dark, dignified, and alluring about you.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: oblong, rectangle, or oval

Eye Shape: wide set, round, or downturned

Style: Rocker chic, comfy casual, casual grunge, or sophisticated sexy. Favors darker colors such as black, navy, juniper, gray, and even white.

Ruling parts: teeth, skeletal system, hair, skin, and nails

Teeth/skeletal system: One of your best attributes is your teeth and smile. Your teeth are typically the ‘right’ size and shape, though you have a somewhat cunning smile despite any good intentions. You also have considerably nice lips with a subtly puckered Cupid’s bow.

Hair/skin/nails: Ruler of the skin, hair, and nails, you generally have strong and well-groomed nails with a fairer complexion (depending on your genetics). The ladies may find long, “witchy” nails come natural. While hair color is ultimately genetic, it’s uncannily popular for this placement to have semi-thick, darker, and straight textured hair. You likely have more, though manageable, body hair than most people.

Aquarius Rising

With Uranus on the ascendant, you have the quintessential blondie stereotype to your appearance, even if you aren’t blonde. To many people’s surprise, you have a Ken or Barbie-like fashion sense that is both trendy and sometimes eccentric.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: heart, square, or rectangle

Eye Shape: wide set, almond, or upturned

Style: Classic chic, cute comfy, simple sexy, or eclectic fashionista. Favors a variety of colors, though has a liking for yellows and blues.

Ruling parts: ankles, calves, and circulatory system

Circulatory system: The circulatory system has a hand in melanin production and how it absorbs UV rays from the Sun. Aquarius, opposite of Leo the Sun ruler, is also opposite of the golden brown skin and hair hues associated with Leo. Despite race or ethnicity, it’s uncannily popular for this placement to inherit the recessive blonde or light skin gene, though this is an observation, not a rule.

If it isn’t the random blonde of a brunette immediate family, the native instead has much lighter hair and skin pigment than their family does. It’s likely you sunburn easily, in addition to a rosy and flushed face with a lot of physical activity.

Ankles/calves: Your defining attribute is your nicely sculpted calves and ankles. On the contrary, you may have experienced (or will) problems with developing cankles at some point. Cankles result from poor circulation that causes swelling in your lower legs and ankles. You’re always on your feet, so be sure to stretch your lower legs often.

Pisces Rising

With Neptune on the ascendant, you have a soft and soulful look about you. As Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, you have this mystical pretty boy/girl persona. The Neptunian beauty is seen in your gazing, vibrant, and dreamy eyes, along with a carefree and flow-in-the-wind hairstyle.

Defining Traits

Face Shape: heart or square

Eye Shape: wide set, round, or protruding

Style: ‘80s jock, vintage fashion, athleisure, casual chic, or boho lax. Favors light colors such as white, creme, pastels, etc. May even have a taste in retro color pallets.

Ruling parts: feet and toes.

Feet/toes: The foot itself is an entire map to your physical body, as almost every pressure point in your body can be accessed through your feet and toes. You may be a sandal fanatic or a shoe enthusiast in general. You’re more particular about well-groomed feet, enjoying pedicures or keeping your feet tidy.

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