Here's How The 2019 Retrograde Season Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s How The 2019 Retrograde Season Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Oh gosh, issa retrograde! Five of them!

When I say “retrograde season”, I am referring to the higher octave planets [popularly known as “outer planets”] and their retrograde. Higher octave planets are more massive in size than lower octave planets; thus, their energies affect larger populations.

In April alone, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are chillin’ in retrograde for a few months at a time. Jupiter retrogrades at 24° 21’ of Sagittarius on April 10th. Pluto retrogrades at 23° 09’ of Capricorn on April 24th whereas Saturn retrogrades on the 29th at 24° 21’ of Capricorn also. While Uranus and Neptune retrograde are important, Uranus doesn’t start until August 11th while Neptune doesn’t start until June 21st. Those will be addressed at another time.

Jupiter rules expansion and higher intellect whereas Saturn rules karma and discipline. Pluto, a “dwarf planet”, is smaller in size; thus, we gain more clarity when looking at its aspects to this retrograde which is done based on your individualized chart.

The theme all signs are experiencing during this retrograde season is the little habits and behaviors we apply to our lives daily and how they either grow or hinder our labor’s fruits. The energy during this time is right for growing your work, destiny in the world, and life purpose. Where each sign is different, however, is how these energies manifest—which is all determined by your house placement.

So, keep in mind these retroscopes may not feel as personalized for you as each one is addressing 1/12th of the population. However, it’s still important to know what’s going on because they still affect you. With massive size also means stronger energy.

I strongly urge you to check your ascendant sign as it dictates your house placement. I also recommend you check where Saturn and Jupiter are in your chart to understand how people are dealing with issues similar to you. Click here to generate your natal chart.

Aries (March 21th-April 19th): Patience is where the money’s at.

Saturn is chillin’ in your 10th house of destiny and career whereas Jupiter follows in your 9th house of expansion and higher intellect. Your overlying energy for 2019 is learning how to fulfill what you were put on this Earth to do. You’re finally stepping into your own power, re-establishing your own agency from someone’s [or even the world] overwhelming expectations, and grounding yourself into this next growing cycle. It’s a great time to dabble into new creative or intellectual stimulation—which may give you the inspiration or one of those “Aha!” moments you’ve needed to get things off the ground.

While you may be getting excited for what’s to come, Aries, be patient. The building progress is making strides, but it isn’t finished. Stay focused—patience is where the money’s at these next few months.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th): Choose to flow; not force.

Saturn is taking the lead in your 9th house of higher intellect whereas Jupiter follows in your 8th house of transformation. As many of you are experiencing success with new partnerships pertaining to your work, you’re preparing to take a new leap of faith with yourself. However, the universe is asking you to reflect and fully absorb what’s happening around you during this retrograde season. You must live in the now; not later. Be there for those you love. Enjoy good food. Connect with the world—socially and with Gaia.

You’re already on the way to where you’re supposed to be. Put things on cruise control and take a few pit stops along the way. Enjoy the process; not the destination. Don’t get too excited to where you rush into this new cycle, but instead let it revitalize your spirit and energize you moving forward.

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th): Show up and glow up.

Saturn cruises in your 8th house of transformation and taboos whereas Jupiter follows in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. As Mercury just went direct in your 10th house of destiny and career, you’ve been forced to look at what you like and dislike about yourself in terms of how others perceive you—particularly at work, school, and/or if you’re part of any group or organization. You’re strongly focused on your presence in the world, and this retrograde season is putting everything you’ve learned to the test.

Time to spring clean your anxieties and self-sabotaging tendencies, Gemini. Be mindful of not falling back into destructive self-validation methods—especially if you’re coping with any pain pertaining to an ex or shaky relationship of any kind. Sit with those emotions and own them as part of you—which air signs are awful at doing. But, the healing the necessary. You owe yourself that. Harness this energy to realign yourself with your highest vision of what you want to be…. so show up and glow up, both you and your alter ego. You got this!

Cancer (June 21nd-July 22nd): You’re doing amazing, sweetie—stay gentle with yourself.

Saturn is chillin’ in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships whereas Jupiter follows in your 6th house of health and self-improvement. You are happiest when you’re in love; however, you can be slightly critical or unrealistic about what you expect from a partner. In turn, you become critical of your own self-worth when you don’t produce desired results in your relationship sector.

Some of you are experiencing issues with your partner [family can also apply] and re-establishing a new set of boundaries with them—mainly with confronting the issue. For single Cancers, you may feel this way about why you’re single. During this retrograde season, however, you may also build alliances [if you haven’t started already] voice on a health issue hitting home with you—whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual health that has taken a toll on you.

2019 is a year for you to find your voice and exercise your truth…. And baby, it’s going to liberate you [remember the North Node is in Cancer too]! Take exceptional care of your health during this time and nurture yourself a little extra. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Stay gentle with yourself.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd): Abundance is attracted to your roar, so keep roaring louder!

Saturn passes through your 6th house of self-improvement and health whereas Jupiter follows in your 5th house of creativity and expression. This retrograde is about having a constructive yet critical eye for how you handle yourself and execute tasks. As Mercury just went direct in your 8th house, you’re expecting a new beginning—whether it be a relationship, child, engagement, or a new goal giving you a new sense of purpose. Some of you may have changed your appearance or style in some way to embody the new person you’re stepping into.

Whatever it may be, you need these next few months to prepare yourself for what’s to come. However, the devil is in the details for you during this time, Leo. Pay close attention to the things you were once careless about—for if you haven’t experienced the karma yet, you will if you don’t take action accordingly. If not karma, then it just might put you ahead of everyone else to take those extra steps. Also, take constructive criticism from others and look at yourself realistically. Ensure the changes you’re making are, in fact, what you want. And lastly, welcome abundance and remind yourself you deserve it!

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd): Center your energy on your heart; not your mind.

Saturn is patrolling your 5th house of expression and creativity whereas Jupiter follows in your 4th house of family, roots, and the home. Many of you are starting anew with a partner—whether it be a new relationship, engagement, or simply a life-changing opportunity involving them. Yes, being “married” to your work counts, also. Be mindful of not being overly critical and talking yourself into what perfection should be pertaining to a situation with your partner [i.e. if you’re impatiently waiting on “the question” or the “perfect” job or home].

You’re eager for what’s to come so some of you may feel overly eager to where it’s manifesting into anxiety. Things feel as if they’re going right, and for you, your overthinking may rob you of your bliss. You’d benefit from taking time off from the world and attending to your family, friends, and loved ones. This retrograde, nonetheless, is urging you to allow more fun-loving energy into your life and be patient. This will leave you refreshed for the next phase of this exciting cycle you’re part of.

Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd): You’ve spent your whole life being fair to everyone else—it’s time to be fair to yourself.

Saturn is spicing up your 4th house of family, roots, and the home whereas Jupiter follows in your 5th house of creativity and expression. This is an exciting time for you as you’re pursuing a new endeavor which gives you an unmistakable joy and feeling of purpose. It’s taken you some time to come into your own, but now you’re almost there with yourself.

Some of you are physically moving to pursue a life-changing opportunity and sort things out with yourself. Things are happening for you Libra, yet you’re still struggling [internally] because of sentiments pertaining to family or your home—which can be from your decision to leave. If you aren’t physically moving, you may feel an urge to spruce your space and make it yours to operate within. Regardless, you spend your whole life being fair to everyone else—it’s time to be fair to yourself. Don’t sabotage your path from any uncomfortability or conflict that may arise in the family or home—for you are the intuitive powerhouse of the zodiac. If you know it’s right, then do it, Libra. You owe it to yourself.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 22nd): Help is of the essence.

Saturn is hanging out in your 3rd house of education and communication whereas Jupiter follows in your 2nd house of materialism and finance. You may be in the works of establishing future connections and other communications pertaining to jobs, moving, or perhaps any legal finance situation—whereas the financial aspects of your life, in general, may be causing you anxiety. While you don’t like asking for help, this retrograde is demanding you ask for and accept help from others.

Mercury retrograde had its health implications for you, so it’s important you don’t do anything to offset your health. Any stress with your family, bills, and/or partner may stress you out easier than usual, but be mindful of not allowing yourself to act passively—for this can irritate pre-existing [minor] issues. It’s easy to feel stuck in your own head, Scorpio, and this retrograde is a great time to break from that and start allowing others in. Help is as simple as finding a listening ear—whether it be a friend, family, or a professional—who can talk things out with you. Make it easier for yourself… it’s okay.

Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 21st): Slow the speed down before the universe pulls you over.

Saturn is cruising through your 2nd house of finance and materialism whereas Jupiter follows in your 1st house of appearance and self. You’ve experienced revelations lately about a new career path or a new step forward in an already existing endeavor. Like all fire signs, you care a lot about your appearance and reputation—and you specifically, Sag, have a knack for controversy. Despite how brilliant you are, you have a spending problem and splurge on anything the world can see. This retrograde, nonetheless, may tempt you into poor spending habits or unnecessary traveling endeavors taking a stab at your wallet.

I always call Sag a late bloomer in the career sector because of their irresponsibility earlier in life [though they’re powerhouses once developed—that’s the irony]. This is because they’d rather invest in fun and nice things than a long term plan. If you’re fine with this, then… well, fine. If you’re wanting to grow, however, slow down on the spending and invest that money into it. This also includes how you spend your time and energy, so take a night in here and there to rejuvenate. Live your life, baby….. but, this retrograde wants you to slow the speed down before the universe pulls you over and traps you more. Time to reset your intentions so you can receive from the universe to its fullest extent.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th): Embrace this paradigm shift.

Saturn is chillaxin’ in your 1st house of appearance and the self, whereas Jupiter follows in your 12th house of spirituality and closure. Not to mention the moon’s south node is in your sign for the year. A transformative year and retrograde season await you as you may be working with weird juju right now. You’re likely resisting the being you’re evolving into. A paradigm shift is happening for you, Capricorn, and your spiritual health will be placed under a microscope—which is where your growth will come from.

You’re bound to have deep revelations about your past, how you’ve behaved in social and personal relationships, and how you’re going to regenerate the outdated exterior you’re struggling to shed. Remember, these revelations may be painful or uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. You may be working through toxic behaviors coming to your attention, which is hard for your pride to sit with, but just be easy on yourself. This retrograde for you, Capricorn, is about surrendering to the process. When you do, the experience will be enriching and empowering.

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th): Your biggest no-no is not saying no.

Saturn is hanging out in your 12th house of spirituality and closure whereas Jupiter is in your 11th house of sociality, media, and freedom. Lately, you’ve been grounding yourself in your own power and envisioning a life authentic to you. You were born to not be managed—which seemingly the world has been doing for you the past couple years [as the nodes just left Leo/Aquarius]. Things are finally making sense, but this retrograde may come in and make things…. Well, not make sense. [11th and 12th house energy are weird.]

You’re looking to re-establish your presence and only rely on yourself—as you’ve settled to self-sabotaging tendencies because people or things took their stronghold on you. This retrograde is saying no more, Aquarius. These next few months are venting out the dirty air in your energetic house. More importantly, it’s about learning how to say no. Despite any frustrations you have with realignment, this 12th house energy is a great way to channel your individuality to help with this as you may also feel more inclined to media and technology—which can really help exercise your creativity and confidence for what you want later in the year.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th): You have to trust before the universe makes the magic happen.

Saturn is breezing through your 11th house of sociality, media, and freedom whereas Jupiter follows in your 10th house of destiny and career. Many of you are finally bearing the fruits of your labor—which is why you’ve made a recent move to escape an unideal or outdated living environment no longer serving your well-being. For others, it can be the need to get out and connect more after confining yourself to one environment only. Either way, you now feel more empowered and in tune with your mojo; however, don’t wander the mind too much and stay focused.

Depending on how gracefully you handle the next few months can perhaps lead to advancements in your career sector—whether it be a promotion, pay raise, or a better job opportunity. The same applies to educational, artistic, and athletic endeavors. Whatever you put your energy into, Jupiter is here to expand it, baby! Keep in mind, you deserve everything coming for you, and if anyone shows any interest in giving you a big opportunity—pay attention. Look for out of the ordinary signs, Pisces, as you may doubt yourself through the process. You have to trust before the universe can make the magic happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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