Not Everyone Gets Happily Ever After

This Is How Venus Retrograde Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign This Year

Venus— the planet of love, beauty, and wealth— goes retrograde on October 5th at 11 degrees Scorpio.

The retrograde period lasts up to 40 days, only happens every 18 months, and is to not go direct until November 16th at 25 degrees Libra.

Any retrograde period, despite how bad it’s portrayed in mainstream media, are the ideal conditions to let your fruit ripen. In other words, reflection and less action will bear you more desirable results than forcing whatever it is you have in mind.

With this retrograde being with Venus, it’s time to place relationships, partnerships, and/or your self-image under a microscope. Which of these that will apply to you, if not all of them, is based on your sign’s traits in terms of handling these areas of life. The area that’s weakest for you is likely what will be the most challenging.

A key lesson God and the universe are providing you is how to discern yourself from matters and people that do or do not serve your well-being. This retrograde may also involve abundance in some areas, but be mindful of how this is just the universe teaching you how to balance. After all, Libra season is the perfect time to do so.

With the chunk of this retrograde in Scorpio, you will also feel urged to explore a deeper, more intimate, and unexplored territory of your psyche. Venus gives us abundance, yet when we impose limitations on ourselves then we miss opportunities to find what truly fulfills what the heart wants.

Below are detailed forecasts and other information for your sign during this retrograde. If none of these resonate with your sun sign, then be sure to check your Venus (perhaps even your ascendant) sign to determine what parts best apply to your situation.

Aries (March 21st-April 19th): You’re being asked to slow down and avoid new beginnings.

Aries, you may feel tempted to start more projects or set forth on a new adventure during this retrograde period. Most Aries have been experiencing new beginnings within recent months– especially in areas of relationships, partnerships, and family. Perhaps you’re in a new love affair, or it’s very possible some kind of engagement, wedding, or child has come (or is coming) into the picture.

Being an Aries, you likely struggle with keeping straight-forward focus in your endeavors. You’re energetic, creative, and always generating new ideas worth testing out. You probably have a hard time with sitting still or just doing nothing– you have to be either physically or mentally stimulated. Which for you, this stimulation is mostly achieved in work and extracurricular activities.

With new beginnings starting to distance in the rearview mirror, it’s time for you to fully establish a route for yourself moving forward. Before getting too absorbed in the “what could be”, get into the “what is”. Tuning into what is can manifest what could be– what you want to be. Some of you may be iffy about moving forward with something, likely a relationship or romance. If that is the case, this retrograde energy will benefit you beautifully. Especially with your fire sign intuition, you will channel information that may help something that is in question for you.

This is worth exploring because retrogrades intensify our intuitions– which is why retrograde energy is often uncomfortable. For the other Aries, there’s a commitment– emotional and/or physical– you are invested in and have full intentions of keeping. If this is the case, this is a great time for further reflection and self-work that will later improve whatever relationship, partnership, and/or endeavor that has your attention.

You have a great sense of self-worth, but sometimes this makes you overlook what needs work– probably being how you manage time in relationships and focusing too much on creating rather than being.

Be sure to put attention into areas of your life that need self-work, Aries. You gotta lotta love– time to actually show it.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th): You will be pushed towards work yet feel the urge to invest more than needed into a certain relationship or partnership.

Taurus, prepare to get rocked this retrograde. You, Taurus, are ruled by Venus. That is exactly why you will feel this transit so heavily. I wouldn’t call it as bad as a Mercury retrograde, but your stubborn self has likely been avoiding emotional confrontation with yourself. Haven’t you?

Taurus, you don’t know what you want. If not this, then it’s either you want what you shouldn’t have. Hence, is there something or someone you’re not letting go physically or mentally? Venus is about to straighten this out for you. She goes retrograde in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. Probably within the last two weeks or so, you’ve been gravitating towards these interests in your love life and work. You’ve been flirting with your curiosity for a new love affair, relationship, or perhaps investing in the one you’re already in. For some of you, you may have developed a recent crush you think is worth exploring.

Based on other astrological events, your work life is on hyper-manifestation mode. This is a great thing, Taurus.

However, Venus retrograde energy may make you lose sight of the big things you’re in the process of finishing. Venus is cooking up some big financial reward in the future, so don’t screw it up by wandering too far from your path from love interests who in the long run will not serve you. I’d usually recommend you take the time to let love take its course, but right now? No, Taurus. So much is happening for you.

My suggestion: Take it slow with love and put your energy into your wealth and health. Venus goes direct in your sixth house of health. Giving some attention to your love life and romance is, of course, acceptable. Once the retrograde is over, you’ll likely be revealed something about your love life, self-image, or other partnerships that will satisfy with emotional gap within you— whether that be letting go or rekindling a flame of the past.

However, you need to be in great health to receive from the universe, Taurus. Use this time to prepare.

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th): Time to give yourself some space and self-love.

Lucky you, Gemini. This retrograde is not going to trigger too much in your life. Both taken and single Geminis will likely deal with minor mishaps in areas of relationships and partnerships. Many of you likely have been taking more precautions with your health and lifestyle habits since Venus is retrograding in your sixth house of health and service. It’s likely you’ve been setting more goals for yourself and wanting to make improvements in areas of your life.

This retrograde energy is perfect to make this happen, but please note that someone as energetic and social as your sign don’t naturally resonate with it. Hate to break it to you, but introspection, reflection, and self-work is really important for you during this retrograde.

You thrive in social settings. You are often reputation-cautious and work to keep a name for yourself– whatever that may be. It’s a good possibility that you’ve become too consumed in the details of what others think and have forgotten what really makes you amazing. Despite the hard time people give Geminis, it’s rare for a person to dislike a Gemini off the bat because they are so charming, intelligent, friendly, and really do mean well.

The ironic thing about your sign is how you want people to view you differently, yet you immediately question yourself and who you want to be all because people misunderstand you. Yes, you Geminis are complicated, but the logic and talent people of your sign possess is unmatched.

This retrograde will teach you how you can understand yourself to where you can let your unique attributes shine to the world. Venus goes direct in your fifth house of passion and expression, so expect spirits to get lifted and you to feel more creative and expressive when the retrograde ends.

Just be mindful about not getting lost in the irrelevant details of what others think or overthinking what you perhaps don’t like about yourself. Retrograde energy puts your overthinking on hyperdrive. You may feel like you’re slightly losing your mind, and this can extend into your relationships and friendships. Your health– mental specifically– is under a microscope. Which is why self-worth is the key theme for your sign during this retrograde.

If you feel like you’re losing it, take some time to yourself and find that self-love, Gemini.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd): You will be forced to re-evaluate something or someone that is holding you back…. or coming back.

The past is coming back at you like a bat out of hell, Cancer. Have you truly broken any cycles that haven’t served your well being? Well, this Venus retrograde is going to challenge you to look at your self-worth and how you view yourself.

Most Cancers I know have been experiencing a weird period of what feels to be stagnation and a lack of clarity. By nature, unfortunately, you have a tendency to worsen this as you are one of the most self-sacrificing signs. Venus retrogrades in your fourth house of home and roots. This is going to teach you how to strengthen that backbone and make yourself happy from the source.

Venus retrograde is only the pre-game to what’s going to happen when the eclipse cycle takes its course on the Cancer/Capricorn axis after the last solar eclipse in Leo in January 2019. Cancer, this is a great time to prepare yourself for huge life changes that will force you in a new direction.

No, this retrograde isn’t going to shut down a perfectly happy relationship or endeavor of yours. However, is there something in this relationship that’s holding you back? Have you been accommodating your life to someone else’s will? Have you been overly giving to someone and suddenly feel as if the world takes you for granted? Something during this retrograde will bring the past to slap you in the face because truth is— you haven’t let go or resolved an issue that’s been lingering within you.

Frustrations and self-doubts will be surfaced. Yes, most of this will pertain more to you and how you handle discernment with those you love. You may be needing peace of mind, Cancer. Venus retrograde will absolutely give you a run for your money (figuratively and literally…. some minor financial mishap may come your way). Perhaps this financial situation can have to do with your family or you giving too much to someone close to you.

Just take some breaths and prepare for the best. Venus goes direct in your third house of Your breakthrough is coming, but the universe is going to show you what areas need self-work before heavily rewarding you.

Don’t worry….. it’s nothing you can’t handle, our beloved Cancer.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd): You suddenly are feeling as if you have a lot of love to give.

You’ve likely been forced to take a look at all of your Venus areas— wealth, love, and self-worth. The eclipses in Leo/Aquarius (last one in Leo in January 2019) have been a time of profound revelations, and mosts Leos I’ve seen (including myself) got up from being knocked down countlessly a while back, but now? My loves, Leos are walking through the flames and the roaring lion is back.

Venus retrogrades in your fourth house of home and maternity; therefore, expect heated arguments or conflicts within the home. Perhaps if you stay on good terms with family, then it could be that you struggle staying established in a home environment and feel more flighty than usual. If there are no issues with your mother or a womanly figure, then perhaps your temperament during this retrograde can be tamed with more feminine, nurturing energy. In other words, you are being urged to nurture yourself and those you love.

You are likely eager for new beginnings and are ready to initiate. However, Venus retrograde is urging you to slow down and take it all in before accelerating yourself. You have huge things coming your way Leo, and it’s so so beautiful. As Venus goes direct in your third house of communication, you will likely reconcile or put a deliberate end to something in your life holding you back. You must be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for the abundance coming your way.

Self-worth has been a recurring theme, but this retrograde energy will surprisingly resonate beautifully with you in this area. Fixed signs are most impacted, yet the trials and tribulations you previously experienced is making this great “study time” for the final test from the universe approaching in recent months. You’re prepared from the hell the eclipses have put you through. So if anything happens during this time, you’ll likely be un-phased or just….. emotionally strong. Just like your bad self always is, Leo.

You will have a few self-doubts, but quiet time is good for you during this period. Relationship wise, there’s a couple ways it can go for you. For the single Leos— who many within months have turned single from perhaps a toxic or negative relationship— you may feel intense loneliness which may urge you to return to old love affairs. Or, you have a crush on someone who is almost too similar from what you got away from to begin with.

For my taken Leos, you may be forced to evaluate parts of the relationship that are holding you back. I’m sensing you’ve been overly compromising or generous in some area of relationships or partnerships, perhaps maybe have spread yourself thin. For some of you, this has affected your finances.

Venus retrograde energy may halt your creativity, Leo. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Suggestion: Use this as a time for planning and brainstorming. You should balance your relationships and really bond with others, but don’t let this lose track of your manifestation taking course. This is a time to let yourself be vulnerable with those you love and improve how you express yourself.

Of all signs, you are especially the one who needs to put Libra season energy to good use. Stay focused and balanced, Leo.

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd): Retrograde has caught your tongue?

Any retrograde energy can have us feeling off, and Venus retrograde energy is not as resonate with Virgos. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t harness it to benefit you in areas of your relationship and even work. While you are a great communicator, you may struggle with how you communicate whereas this retrograde energy will have your emotions and thoughts scattered all over the floor. After all, Venus is retrograding in your third house of communication.

Virgo, I assume your love life—whether single or taken— is going swell. Recently you may have felt comfort in being alone or are in a very healthy, happy relationship. Need I not speak too soon, however. This retrograde may surface sugar coated issues in this relationship either you, your partner, or both low key have not addressed in the past. For you, Virgo, the matters will mostly lie in how these issues are communicated and dealt with.

For single Virgos, you may feel more inclined to pursue love interests. At the same time, however, you may also feel as if your social anxiety is slightly intensified. You may find yourself withdrawing and getting your own agenda done. This also includes limiting who you spend a lot of time with. Taken Virgos may either: 1. Start something from false perceptions on a certain situation or 2. Avoid a conversations that’s long overdue.

May I warn, Virgo, that this may cause your overthinking to go on hyper drive—especially when you’re in solitude. In turn, you may think certain situations or ideas into existence which may put unnecessary tensions on your loved one(s). To add, you may feel less inclined to resolve a certain matter and continually dig yourself a pit to hide in.

This retrograde is trying to teach you how find peace of mind in your partnerships, relationships, and work life. It’s digging up old issues you repressed for a long time that has actually created anxiety subconsciously. Balance yourself between communicating diligently and feeling the need to over-explain yourself.

Don’t fear the issue or think too much about what to say, Virgo.

Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd): Venus retrograde isn’t going to let you continue to not make decisions on finances. Time to mobilize.

Leo season was probably a great time for you to get on track with some kind of goal, Libra. However, it’s possible that recently you’ve fell back into a feeling of stagnation while the universe is making great things happen around you. Truth is, you’re not sure if you can keep up.

Guess what? You’re gonna have to. Time to put your energy where it matters, Libra. Venus is retrograding in your second house of finances and self-worth.

There’s this stagnation is in your head because you have a lot of self-doubt overtaking your subconscious. The irony behind Venus retrograde is that the energy can resonate beautifully with you, whereas you too are ruled by Venus. It puts a check on your imbalances since you are the sign of balance.

However, it’s likely some event within recent months has you worried or hesitant to make firm decisions because you fear how it will physically manifest.. So….. you’ve just kinda dealt with it. Right? Or, some of you Libras have felt more or less vocal than usual due to some degree of uncertainty or your anxiety getting in over your head.

You’ve likely experienced loss of some kind, perhaps in relationships. (I’ve seen a lot of Libras recently within months turn single.) Over 2016, 2017 and the first half of 2018, you may not have lost someone but instead yourself or you lost yourself because of someone. Either way, your self-worth had not been as high as it should be because of this.

Venus retrograde is going to force you to look at your self-image, relationships, and finances. Many Libras have felt more career focused—perhaps you’ve been provided with new opportunities pertaining to your career or education. You’ve also been making more of a public presence– perhaps you being involved in a cause. You may have also came into light from under the shade tree and trying to rebuild friendships, relationships, or perhaps hobbies you’ve abandoned. And yes, this has brought you happiness you’ve been missing!

However, if this is not the case, then you are likely going to be conflicted with how to handle a situation that involves ending what doesn’t serve you or your well-being anymore. A lot is in the works for you, so it’s important you vibrate at a frequency that prepares you to receive. Time to put your balance and diplomatic lens that you Libras naturally possess and fix the areas of your life bringing you little happiness.

You might be forced to make a decision that you believe will bring loss. You may be faced with temptations to run back to the past habits, lovers, people, or mentalities because that’s where you find comfortability and familiarity.

This is a time where you will really be challenged to find faith in uncertainty and trust that taking a step into the unknown will set you free from the anxieties you trap yourself in. Venus goes direct in your first house of how you appear in the world, so be mindful during this retrograde because your thoughts and actions will begin manifesting following the retrograde.

Karmic cycles are present, Libra. Get your house cleaning done and don’t back down before it backfires.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 22nd): You will be forced to take a deeper look at family matters and finances.

Luckily for you, Scorpio, your love life is not bound to be chaotic during this retrograde. However, you will be hit hard by this retrograde because it’s happening in your eighth house of death and taboos– which is the house you rule. You will be forced to look deeper into what you truly want for yourself long term. Scorpios, much like the rest of the fixed signs, have been going through the manifestation process in their careers. Whereas security is essential to your happiness, you feel gravitated towards commitments or setting the path for it.

With your finances rapidly developing and success coming your way, you feel promoted to plant deeper roots in your inner circle and family to secure loyalties– since loyalty is virtue for you. You have goals to weave off those who and what is not of benefit. However, heed warning at what retrograde energy does to our perceptions. With self-worth under inspection here, your mental and perhaps physical health may push some of you into solitude.

You’re looking to build, and oftentimes you see the reflection of your self-worth through your group, family, and everything you possess. Some Scorpios, I suspect, will be walking away from something that doesn’t make them happy anymore. On the other hand, you could be hurdling towards something that will not work out or lost in a sea of confusion.

If you’re single especially, you may find yourself craving romance and feeling intensified loneliness or deprivation (perhaps sexual). Therefore, you might try to think you see love somewhere where it isn’t. Or…. settle. Either. You may feel urged to establish commitment or flee a scene. This retrograde is forcing you to look at if this commitment should even be.

For the single Scorpios (if there are any), you may be looking for an ideal partner to settle with. For the taken Scorpios, this retrograde period is setting the stage of what could perhaps be an opportunity for advancement, so to speak. If so, expect your living situation to change in coming months.

You may want to explore the taboos of your soul or fulfill certain fantasies. For some, this will come into a perfectly happy partnership or relationship which will enhance the overall experience. For others, this may lead to something new and worth keeping.

Venus goes direct in your seventh house of enemies, marriage, and business partners. Expect to get involved in a business opportunity, receive a ring, or something else requiring long term commitment. After this retrograde period, you will have more clarity on who has your back and what endeavors to continue in.

In terms of family matters, things are likely going okay. However, Scorpios have a tendency to be self-sacrificing for those they love. Have you been giving or paying too much? Is someone not holding their weight? Do you feel taken for granted? Are you financially burdened, unrightfully? Who knows, but it won’t persist much longer. You won’t let it, Scorpio.

Venus retrograde energy is going to have you saying, “F that”. Take a needed rejuvenation period, Scorpio. You deserve this.

Sagittarius (November 23rd-December 21st): You’re just going through the motions.

First thing first, Sag, this is intended to be interpreted as “the universe is asking you to just not do that bulls*** you always do”. I think it’s safe to say Sagittarius can easily get frustrated with themselves because they really do care….. but they also really don’t care. Venus is retrograding in your twelfth house of spirituality and closure. Therefore, you will

Many of you have probably been rather committed to a certain relationship or other endeavor you’re passionate about. If you feel your love life is untouched and thriving, then your self-image, how you express yourself, and what direction you want to take is going to be brought to speculation for you during this retrograde.

You struggle with always seeking greener pastures. As you Sag people love to relocate any opportunity possible, travel and movement have typically always been a focus for you. Even if you can be loyal, Venus retrograde is really going to build sexual and emotional tensions. You can either use this energy to draw yourself closer to your loved ones…. or, not use it at all. Either way, you will likely have to make an important choice in the coming weeks.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved or started a new endeavor pertaining to your career. Many of you have received some promotion, advancement, or huge opportunity. In turn, this could be disruptive to your love life. This takes away from your relationships. I also sense some of you are in long distance relationships, temporary or extended.

If not this, then certain issues that have been put off will surface themselves. Which for you….. may result in a lost temper or unhealthy expression of emotion. In turn, there may be urges to roam unexplored territory such as infidelity or narrowing in on your career focus and shutting loved ones out. Which does not help any existing issue because you thrive best in carefree environments and inspiration is your fuel.

You may have ended (or will end up ending) some friendship or relationship. Retrograde energy will make you feel out of whack and cause you to give into temptations much more easily. However, this retrograde is a great time to learn how to not hurt who and what you love the most. Venus goes direct in your eleventh house of friends and groups, so how you handle this retrograde energy will set the stage for how your friendships and relationships play out.

What’s meant to be is meant to be, Sag. You’ll soon see this.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th): Big opportunities may distract you from the little things.

Venus retrograde is going to give you a run for your money, Capricorn. No loss is expected in areas of wealth and finance. As a matter of fact, big opportunities are likely present in your near future, have already happened, or both. Venus not only goes direct in your tenth house of career, but it is also retrograde in your eleventh house of groups. Therefore, this retrograde may challenge you to take a closer look at your friend groups, relationships, and partnerships.

As mentioned, Venus is serving you abundance in wealth and career. Therefore, this may distract you from spending time with those you care about. As a matter of fact, this has likely been a persisting issue for you. On the other hand, this can be that you’ve been investing too much into a relationship and not enough into yourself. Perhaps you’ve had issues with “real” friends and are starting to see true colors in people. However, it is likely that you are geared towards success and not so much bonding with others.

Despite your hard exterior, Caps have a (somewhat) soft spot when it’s all said and done. Though you probably aren’t meaning to, you’re avoiding someone or something and using your goals to distract you. Perhaps you’ve been tempted to engage in unusual behavior and are exploring your deeper interests– which could involve socially taboo or sneaky behavior.

However, any relationship or group matter that you don’t address soon will have consequences when Venus goes direct. When your breakthrough comes here soon, you are one who likely wants to have those you love and care about around to celebrate with you.

You’re going to be successful regardless, Capricorn. It’s second nature for you. What isn’t is your need to bond with others– which is what you need to balance this retrograde.

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th): Time to come out from the shade tree and let light in.

You’ve likely come to recent revelations about certain behaviors of yours, Aquarius. Like any other sign, these tendencies and rationalities are rooted into childhood. With Venus retrograding in your tenth house of career and paternity, you will be forced to confront any issues pertaining to your father or anything that has connections to him. The issues you are looking at have likely been prolonged, and this retrograde will no longer let you avoid it.

Depending on individual experiences is what you will have to focus on this retrograde. Venus goes direct in your ninth house of expansion and freedom. Therefore, you will likely be speculating areas of partnerships, friends, and perhaps relationships– but more specifically friends. If you have had trust (“daddy”) issues from a traumatic childhood event or a rocky relationship with your father, you will have to examine how it affects you and how to fix it.

For some of you, especially males, some form of defiance and non-conformity has created tensions within the family. You’re likely to be reminded of being the “black sheep”. For others, this can be some emotional issue from some kind of betrayal or loss on the father’s behalf. Both case scenarios with Aquarius often means being on the run and dabbling into what you know is bad for you. Yes, this is likely due to a sense of loneliness which may feel intensified during this retrograde. Therefore, you will feel very tempted to go back to old patterns of behaviors and people who are no good for you.

The last series of eclipses in Leo/Aquarius has pushed you into solitude and involved bringing mental health issues to your attention– while you were likely stuck with a relationship or love affair you weren’t passionate about. This retrograde is here to liberate you and let you pursue the best self you’ve been wanting to radiate. Truth is, you’ve been frustrated with yourself because you’ve caved in too much for too long.

If you let go during this retrograde, Venus going direct in your ninth house will open the door for traveling opportunities and fun– something you are in dire need of.

Pisces (February 19th-March 20th): You are being asked to recalibrate; not put an end to something.

Have things felt out of sync for you, Pisces? Perhaps you’ve felt some stagnation in your relationships or some partnership. Venus is retrograding in your ninth house of expansion and philosophy, so you may be recreating and rethinking your image and what mark you want to make on the world.

Don’t let this energy make you question what’s coming your way. You’ve been working towards a goal for quite some time now. Likewise, you’ve likely felt some guilt because you may have felt detached or distanced from your lover or loved ones. You’ve likely been planning for future travels and exploring new opportunities afar. Since Venus goes direct in your tenth house of career, this retrograde is pushing you to focus on generating wealth, self-love, and abundance.

It’s likely you were physically and emotionally attached to someone or something in the past. Now that your interests are shifting, you may consider putting an end to something or may experience anxiety from these unexplainable feelings. Be mindful that you are not being pushed towards an end, you are just being asked to recalibrate.

This retrograde period is a great time for self-care and focusing on building your career and wealth. A lot of confusion pertaining to wealth and your career will be settled by retrograde’s end. Be sure to balance your relationships and spend time with loved ones. Communicate effectively and make your needs known. You can keep your relationships while addressing your own needs.

Just be patient and gentle with yourself. Let your dreamer spirit elevate you, Pisces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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