Here’s To A Season Of Self-Love

Here’s to a season of self-love and the constant growth that will follow. This journey is not going to be easy, but I’m more than positive that everything that has led up to this moment will be damn worth it. Progress is not linear; it is not a straight line that is easy and predictable. Progress, just like a roller coaster, involves lots of curves, twists, highs, and lows. There will be days that will be so difficult you can’t seem to move on, days that push you closer to negative emotions and dark thoughts, and days where you feel like it easiest to just give up. But who said that was the end? Who says your story can’t have a happy ending?

You are in complete control of how you want to live your life—it all starts with YOU.

When you face trials, tackle them head on. Prove to yourself that you are resilient and much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Block out any unnecessary comments and outside distractions that are only hindering your breakthrough. You are not yet finished with writing your story, you are merely drafting the titles for each chapter and the pages have yet to be written, the plot still waiting to unfold. So let yourself be consumed with days where you feel overwhelmed with joy, ecstatic with discovery, elated by an overabundance of blessings. Give yourself permission to just feel the emotions you were restricting and holding back for so long. Practice the art of daily self-affirmations. Your self-love journey is one that is going to blossom as time goes on, one that will continue to flourish and be nourished as you learn to appreciate life. Be gentle with your feelings and to just love yourself.

This season is about discovery. This season is about YOU.

Take yourself out on dates. Be empowered and inspired. Put on some makeup, dress up, and feel cute for nobody but yourself (look good, feel good). You don’t need anyone’s validation to feel beautiful, because honey, you already are. I hope reading this will make you realize that you are an absolute gem, that there are people out there who are thankful for your existence and are grateful to have you in their lives. So never for a second doubt that you are less. Yes, you’re not perfect, but perfection is just an abstract concept anyway.

Every day, make a conscious choice and decision to choose YOU.

Make the effort to not only love those around you but to love yourself. This is for your benefit; this is your journey and your process. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you. Here’s to you, your future growth, and your ever-evolving journey that will be filled with more growth, acceptance, love, and discovery.

About the author

Nikki Custodio

Just a 23 year old that loves napping, kdramas , & ice cream.