Take Care Of Your Heart So It Can Learn To Trust You

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Life will break your heart, it will do it time and again because that’s just life. What you choose to do with your heartbreak is your decision. How you cope reveals how you rise from the ashes, how you deal with failure, and how you build who you are.

Your dreams may break your heart, not going after your dreams may break your heart, your partner may break your heart, your friends may break your heart, your family may break your heart, uncontrollable circumstances and external events may break your heart. Someone, something or everything may break your heart.

Your heart is the most precious thing you have, and it is your responsibility to protect it. Your heart is powerful because it believes in the best of people, it has faith in a higher power, it trusts in the power of dreaming, and it believes in the values of love, kindness, and integrity. Your heart may be strongly resilient but it is also incredibly fragile because wounds take time to heal, and some never heal completely.

By letting someone or something break your heart twice, thrice or even multiple times, you are not showing them how empathetic you are or how much love you have to give. You are letting them know that they can dictate your self-worth on their terms. You are giving them the message that you are okay with being treated less than you deserve. You are telling them that you are alright with your diminishing sense of self-respect. By easily allowing them back into the most intimate and deepest part of you, you are telling them that you have poor boundaries, and their needs are more important than yours.

Don’t let anyone have kind of power over you.

Fiercely guard the beating life force between your rib cages, because it is your heart that gives you energy, it is your heart that guides the way. The universe is constantly responding to how you feel inside, and by giving life permission to treat you poorly you are showing the universe that you don’t value your heart.

If your heart is exhausted from being betrayed, if it is weary from giving chances, if it is tired of proving itself to the world, if it is overwhelmed from the love it has been drained off, then your heart will stop trusting you to take care of it.

If you don’t trust yourself, you will lose respect for yourself, and if you lose respect for yourself, you will never love yourself.

Do not invest your valuable time and resources on forgiving people and circumstances that have broken you. Invest in fixing yourself. Invest in piecing yourself back together, so that you don’t fall apart at the hands of the next thing that you take a chance on. Invest in learning how to love the right people, how to go after the good things, how to strengthen your self-love. It’s your choice to nourish the garden of your heart by pulling out the destructive thorns and weeds, and planting fresh seeds of hope and courage.

You will never find healing at the hands of who or what broke you.

You will never find healing at the hands of anyone else other than your own self. Take accountability for your own healing, because you are the only one who can do it.

If you do this, then you will stop waiting to be saved, and you will slowly build your own self-esteem. If you do this, then you will stop being a passive victim, and start being an active participant in your own life. If you do this, then you will stop putting up with bullying and bad behavior as soon as it starts. If you do this, then when the person who is capable of containing all the love in your heart shows up, you will be ready. If you do this, then you will have something worthwhile to offer yourself, and also to the world at large.

Don’t be naive and negligent with your own heart.

Don’t be reckless with the hearts of others, because you can’t take care of your own.

Don’t become that person.

Never let someone break your heart more than once, and quit breaking your own heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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