Leave Him Now, And Love Yourself Harder

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Sweet girl, he’s not worth it.

If he makes life difficult for you, if he puts himself first, if he controls and manipulates you, if he makes you feel small, if he makes you question anything regarding his feelings for you, if he’s emotionally unavailable, he’s not worth you.

He’s not worth your kindness and compassion. He’s not worth your inner light and beauty. He’s not worth your patience and tolerance.

He’s not worth any effort at all.

I know you want to fix him, believe me, I do. I know a small part of you thinks you can change him, because you’ve seen that sweet and soft side to him. You know that he’s capable of being a nice guy, when he chooses to be.

Darling, you can’t save him, because only he can save himself. You can’t change him, because you can’t change anyone. Maybe, maybe, there is an infinitesimal chance that the time will be the right, and you’ll do everything right. Maybe one day, he’ll transform into who you think he has the potential to be, but is he really worth it?

It breaks my heart to see you search inside of yourself to figure out how you can fit into his version of ‘perfect’, and how you can be everything he needs that he is unable to give himself. It makes me sad to see you analyze and pick apart your own flaws, while you put him on a pedestal. It troubles me to see you put his needs before your own, because you think his are more important.

It hurts me to watch you cry, and try to convince yourself, and someone else that you are good enough for them.

You don’t deserve someone who drains you emotionally, mentally, and physically. You don’t deserve someone who doesn’t appreciate all that you have to offer. You don’t deserve to wait or give yourself up for anyone. You deserve so much more. You deserve someone who brings you outside of yourself, who makes you want more joy, more experiences, more happiness, and more adventures.

The worst thing is that you don’t believe great guys are real, but they actually exist. Your man is out there waiting for you, searching, and hoping for someone like you. It kills me to see you settle for less, because you don’t even realize that there is more to life, and more to love. Trust me when I say, there is so much more.

I understand how you think that he’s the only one for you. I get it. I know you think that he’s smart, attractive, funny, and sweet, he’s everything you ever wanted, except for that one little thing he does every so often. I understand that ‘spark’ you have with him, that you just haven’t found with anyone else. I know that you think you have so much in common, it’ll be hard to find someone else as compatible. I get how you think he’s special, and that no one can ever take his place.

I understand how you think that true love is unconditional, it’s about being there for someone else, but you can’t always show up alone.

I am asking you to give up on him because you can’t be the only one giving in a real relationship. I am asking you to see your own worth because he never will. Maybe, maybe there may come a day when it hits him how amazing you really are, but by then you’ll see your worth, you’ll see him for who he really is, and you’ll already be happier with someone else.

I am begging you to give yourself the love that you have been pouring into the hearts of all the wrong people. Beautiful girl, you need your own love more than anyone else.

You’re awesome even with all your imperfections, as long as you’re trying hard to become a better person every day. There are plenty of men out there who will love you for who you are, and everything you dream to be.

Take care of yourself, I love you, and so will that lucky guy you’re about to meet.

Leave him now, and love yourself harder. This is what you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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