To The Man Who Refused To Fight For Her

Philipp Schreyer
Philipp Schreyer

To the man who didn’t fight for her, thinking she would never walk away,

I’m sorry that you made such a big mistake.

Girls like that aren’t made to come around every single day. You told her, when she was leaving, “You’ll come crawling back to me the minute you realise there is no one else out there for you. Whereas I can find another you in a second.” Maybe you said it in anger, but you should have realised that someone else would immediately be struck by the thunderstorm she keeps caged in that chest of hers.

Someone else would find the flames trapped in her lungs beautiful.

Someone else would look at the chaos you saw inside her and see it as fire instead. Did it not occur to you that a love like that is hard to find?

The kind of love that makes you coffee even though she does not need to be waking up at five o clock in the morning, you do but she does it for you anyway. The kind of love that has your favourite meal ready for you and a kind listening ear when she knows you’ve had a bad day and could do with some extra love. The kind of love that buys you your favourite game, just because she wants to see you smile, she adores the look on your face when you see something you love in your hands. The kind of love that just wants to see you happy, no matter what the sacrifice she has to make. The kind of love that stands by you even when you feel like the whole world has turned against you.

And you really thought that kind of love would be easy to replace? It takes a special kind of person to love you that way. And you dismissed it as ‘easy’? ‘Replaceable’? How could you possibly make that mistake? By not fighting for her, you essentially told her she could take all her love and give it to someone else.

But wait, you did her a favour.

Because you chose not to fight for her, she has found someone who would fight to the end of the earths for her. She has found someone who sees the amount she does for other people and loves her for her selfless nature. She has found someone who would happily build a future with her because he knows that he will never find another like her again.

You thought you had used her up and threw her away. Thinking that she was not worth fighting for, you threw her into the mud. But let me educate you about something factual as it is beautiful. One of the most intricate and lovely flowers, the lotus only blooms from the thickest and deepest mud.

She too, will grow and find a man who will see her as not just worth fighting for, but worth dying for.

Because girls with hearts the size of the sun do not just disappear into the mud, they grow, like the lotus to welcome the rain, the weather and every storm life brings, whilst still being beautiful.

And one day, she will find someone who will never ever forget that about her, and never ever let her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita Gill is a poet and the author of the book
Your Soul Is A River


Your Soul Is A River is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here.

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