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My Soulmate Wish List

He encourages me to continue to broaden my horizons and if I have something I want to do he will support me 100%.

Grief Doesn’t Change You, It Reveals You

I remember watching my father cry for the first and only time in my life. I remember my godfather coming to the breakfast table the morning after; gaunt face and hollow eyes. I didn’t cry at that funeral either.

How To Finally Start Feeling Comfortable In Your Body

I’ve been noticing my legs and arms look sleeker, my skin and hair healthier, my cheekbones more pronounced, and a sparkle has also emerged in my once-dull eyes. Every morning I wake up and I feel a little better about myself.

This Is Why I Left You

It didn’t matter to me that you lost your leg. How could you think that something like that would matter to me?