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We Could Have Been A Royal Flush, But You Folded

The sad part is, we could have been a royal flush. We could have been as high as the aces. You could have been my king, and I your queen. Together we could have been a jack-of-all-trades, a nearly perfect ten. But you weren’t all in, you folded, thinking everyone else had a perfect hand when in reality all they had was their very own two of a kind.

When You Want The Kind Of Love Your Parents Have

I want love where no matter how much money we don’t have, we work together and push through, not by walking away but by picking each other up. I want someone who I can talk to for hours about nothing but also sit in complete silence with. I want a love that even years after they are gone I love him just the same. I want passionate extraordinary love. I want unexpected love. I want love worth all the pain before them.

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