7 Things I Learned From The Finale Of How I Met Your Mother

The last show I remember watching before my dad passed away was How I Met Your Mother so forgive me for being biased on having a sentimental attachment to this show, but hearing what people have to say I feel the need to put my two cents in. I am tired of the tweets and posts that say, “I feel like the people who loved the series finale of HIMYM have never watched the show before this.” We all have our opinions and we all have our reasons for liking and disliking things.
I have watched every single episode (more than once) of this show and have fallen in love with each and every character, so don’t sit there and tell me my opinion is invalid. The writers didn’t write this show for it to be ABOUT the mother (even though she was awesome) it was about HOW HE MET THE MOTHER and all the trials and tribulations he went through to get to the love of his life and further. Take a step back re-watch the episode and look for the lessons in the last episode and maybe you will learn the things I learned.

1. Time sucks and people change.

If you think about it for all the avid watchers of HIMYM we have watched this show for nine straight years. So we have watched the time pass in all these characters live and when that happens, just like in the real world, they get older just like we have and things change. People grow; we lose loved ones, we get married, we have kids, we move away, and we meet new people. And as much as we want to hang on to time, just like Lily did, we can’t because the more we hold on to things like that the more bitter we become and the more we stop focusing on all the good things coming in the future.

2. One moment can change things in your life and yourself forever.

Barney never would have changed if he didn’t get someone pregnant and he would have spent years as a bachelor and ultimately ending up alone. That baby girl changed his life and showed us all that even though he wasn’t ultimately capable of loving Robin or anyone in a romantic way it still showed that Barney was a loving human being who had a heart and that in the one moment of meeting his daughter he changed right before our eyes.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfcXt0vqmTo&w=584&h=390%5D

3. Life is for the living.

We often forget and succumb to being selfish when people die in our lives. We make ourselves think that we should all stop living when someone we love dies and that’s not fair. So no the show shouldn’t be called “How I Met Your Mother, but I Really Wanted To Bang Aunt Robin” because Ted didn’t go “bang” Robin right after his soul mate died he waited six year, he raised his children, children who obviously loved him enough to listen to that long of a story, he wasn’t selfish he was selfless. Was Ted supposed to stay alone? Ask yourselves out of all the people on this show did you really want ted to be alone?

4. Right person wrong time.

I know everyone is pissed off that the writers supposedly spent eight seasons saying that Ted and Robin weren’t right for each other but in reality the only reason that Ted and Robin didn’t work was because when they dated they wanted very very very different things in life. Ted met his soul mate, they got married (eventually), they shared all their corny hobbies, and most importantly they created a beautiful family together. If Tracy had not died Ted would have always been in deep love with her, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. Who is to say they weren’t right for each other? Robin never wanted to have kids and that wouldn’t have been fair for Ted to force her to do that on top of the fact that she couldn’t provide the love a mom should because that was just something she wasn’t capable of, ultimately they could have ended up in a divorce just as well. It was finally the right time for both of them it made perfect sense for the two of them to be together…and the blue French horn. This wasn’t nine wasted seasons just because it didn’t make sense to you for Robin and Ted to be together. Because in the second to last episode Ted says to Robin, “Love isn’t supposed to make sense.”

5. Everything happens for a reason.

If you don’t believe in that get over it because it’s true. Great things happen to you in life to get you where you are, but shitty things are going to happen to you and it will help you get to the same place. Every character on this show went through hardships in their lives that brought them to that season finale right where they belonged. Were their lives perfect? No. But in the end they were all happy and that is what mattered most.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9rWcv_GRPg&w=584&h=390%5D

6. “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.

Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” (Don Williams, Jr) You didn’t waste nine years of your life on this show because you got exactly what the title said, how Ted met the mother. This was about Ted’s journey with his friends who helped him get through what seemed like the worst times in his life and celebrated with him during the best. Life isn’t ever about the destination its about the memories, hardships, and triumphs that come before. This show was way more than just about the mother don’t forget that.

7. In life we don’t get answers to everything we ask.

Think about it, where is the goddamn pineapple. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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