Fuck Your Fear Of Love, Go For It

Alex O’Brien

Don’t fear tomorrow when it comes to love. Whatever your fears are founded on, wherever they’re coming from, realize that love is something you’re lucky to have, no matter how long it lasts.

Understand that so many people search endlessly for it, so many people literally live their lives with the intention of finding it, and the ones who never do are sometimes too distracted to see that they already have it, that their life is so full of love they’re practically swimming in it.

But for those who do have it, for those who know they’ve found love, for those who feel it, please don’t let the fear of tomorrow blind you to the beauty of today.

Don’t let it diminish the happiness you’ve found, the happiness you’ve been so willing to share with one special person. Don’t let it sneak up in the moments you look at him and smile simply because he’s there. Don’t let it steal one second of belly laughs that his weird jokes provoke. Don’t let it hinder the way you’re excited each morning because you know your day will be spent with him. Don’t let it interrupt the way he makes you feel a little less alone.

Don’t let the fear of tomorrow intervene with love.

Because what you have is special and rare, and this is why you’re so afraid of losing it. You’re scared that the love you have won’t last, because how could something that feels so good continue to do so? But it can, and it will, if only you stop becoming victim to your own unease.

Your fears only thrive from the thoughts you continue to feed them, so cut them off, break all ties, stop the supply.

Because your fears are little insignificant whispers amongst a crowded room of noise, and they’ll trick you into thinking they’re much louder than they actually are, but know that you have the capability to quiet them, and you always will.

You can’t control how long this love will last, but you can control your fear of losing it. You can fight the fear of losing it.

Love is scary, but usually the things in life that don’t scare you don’t change you. They don’t allow you to grow, or learn. They don’t allow you to mess up. And you will mess up, especially in love, but the mess ups lead you to where you are today, and they mysteriously guide you long after they’ve already happened. And that’s a good thing, a very good thing, because messing up means you did the one thing that every one else was too scared to do, you tried

There is a love that is meant to change you, and fear only prevents it from happening. Fuck the fear of love. Feel every feeling, follow every intuition, every passion and interest, every curiosity. Live in love with all senses present, ready, and open. Live in love without fear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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