43 Moments That Make People Born Before 1995 Feel Extremely Old


1. When you order a glass of Chardonnay at a bar/dance club that has a DJ who plays EDM.

2. When your friend’s siblings who you remember as small children go away to college.

3. When you realize you can’t metabolize french fries, mozzarella sticks, or onion rings like you used to.

4. When you realize the 90s was not one decade ago, but two.

5. When you go through your closet and realize you own clothing older than your 15 year-old family dog.

6. When you see that trends from your childhood have come back in style more than once (If you have denim overalls in your closet you know what I’m referring to).

7. When it was extremely difficult for you to learn Snapchat.

8. When you realize you’re old enough for a quarter-life crisis.

9. When you realize you’re a quarter of a century old, or older.

10. When you have to use urban dictionary when talking to anyone under the age of 20.

11. When teenagers have never heard of the TV shows you watched as a child (Your 13 year-old cousin has no idea who Doug or Hey Arnold are).

12. When one or more of your friends gets engaged.

13. When you have to purchase a bridesmaids dress for more than one wedding.

14. When you go to your friend’s baby shower.

15. When you can no longer use your parent’s health insurance.

16. When your parents kick you off of the family phone plan.

17. When your grandparents stop giving you five dollars every time they see you.

18. When you talk about home decor in everyday conversation.

19. When you only watch shows from the 90s on Netflix.

20. When you leave before the bar closes because you’re tired.

21. When you drink decaf coffee after 6 pm so you’re not up all night.

22. When you have to file your taxes.

23. When your friend buys a house.

24. When your friends complain about mortgage payments.

25. When you travel cross-country alone for work.

26. When you reminisce about college parties with people who are still in college.

27. When you receive your family Christmas card at your new address that isn’t your family home.

28. When the freshman in your high school graduate from college.

29. When you start saving for retirement.

30. When your parents start asking for grandchildren.

31. When you realize you’re closer to middle-aged than you are to adolescense.

32. When you start dreading birthdays instead of looking forward to them (After 21 you wish you’d stop aging).

33. When you begin using anti-wrinkle night creams.

34. When you think your hearing is failing you.

35. When you think your vision is failing you.

36. When you say, “ough my joints.”

37. When you become pale because you try to stay out of the sun, instead of soaking up UV rays that will prematurely age you.

38. When you exchange recipes with elderly people.

39. When you host dinner parties instead of house parties.

40. When your mom calls and says you work too much.

41. When you feel too old to attend Coachella.

42. When you consider writing a will.

43. When you wish you were young again and realize that you still are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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