8 Real Ways To Allow Someone To Love You

We all deserve love, but it’s whether or not we accept it that makes the difference.


1. Let them see you at your worst.

Because you can’t always be at your best. They’ll appreciate your vulnerability, and your willingness to be exactly who you are. If there’s something you’re trying to hide they’ll attempt to discover what that is, and when you use distance in efforts to never let them see it, they’ll feel unwanted. You want love in your life, so let others feel that you do.

2. Accept their help when needed.

No matter how super-human you can be, you’re not invincible and occasionally it’s okay to need a helping hand. Someone who loves you will want to help you, and when you don’t let them you push them away.

3. Accept their compliments.

When they tell you that you’re beautiful, don’t disagree and self-deprecate, believe them. Trust that they wouldn’t say it if they didn’t mean it. They love you, but refuting their compliments will make them think that you don’t love yourself.

4. Share your secrets.

But keep some too. Your connection becomes deeper when you let them in, but you don’t have to use your personal skeletons as an attempt to make them stay. They will feel closer to you when you share something you haven’t shared with others, but there’s a difference between sharing something that it’s important to you, and using secrets as strategy.

5. Let them meet the other loves of your life.

They have something in common with the other loves of your life and that is that they all love you. When someone matters to you, introduce them to everyone else who does too. You shouldn’t have to keep your relationships separate. Someone you love should be integrated to all parts of your life.

6. Trust them.

Trust their words especially when they’re attached to actions. Trust is something you can build together, but it’s also something you can destroy individually. If you’re questioning how they feel about you, or don’t believe in their fidelity, it might be that you’re trying to let the wrong person love you.

7. Let them do nice things for you.

They want to make you happy, so allow them to. Don’t question their motives, just accept and enjoy that someone is willing to give you the love that you deserve, because you do deserve love.

8. Don’t fear their abandonment.

If you’re constantly afraid that they will leave you, you won’t be able to enjoy the fact that they don’t intend or want to. Embrace their commitment, accept that someone will want to love you without leaving you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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