What It’s Like To Love A Girl With An Absent Father

Alexander Steffes
Alexander Steffes

When you date a girl who isn’t close with her father, expect that she will always doubt you.

She will doubt you when you tell her you love her.

She will doubt you when you show up with a bouquet of flowers just because you want to make her feel special.

She will doubt whether you’re really planning to spend the rest of your life with her no matter how many times you have said it.

She will doubt the concept of love and commitment.

Her father never had a major starring role in her life as the doting paternal figure so to her the idea of “a father is a daughter’s first love” is nothing but an alien concept.

Because of that, she has high hopes of you because she wants to be proven wrong.

She wants to believe that love does exist and that there is a man who finds her worthy to be loved.

Right now, she believes that no man will love her because her father has been emotionally distant.

But when you date a girl who’s distant from her father, don’t ever feel sorry for her.

She is tougher than most because nothing has disappointed her more than not being close to her father so she can withstand almost any emotional pain.
She is the strongest and most dedicated person in your life because she’s learned that there are other things to fight for and achieve outside of winning the attention of her father.

She is incredibly independent because she’s learned first-hand that not everyone can be relied on.

She is a warm individual and she is constantly looking forward to being in your embrace even though she won’t admit that.

She is hopeful because she’s learned that there is a good side to every person and because of that, she won’t ever give up on you.

She will deeply love you because although being distant from her father has made her tough, it has also reminded her to soften up her heart.

Hence while you will always find yourself involved in many moments of second-guessing things with her, you will also discover just how worthwhile it is to put up with her antics for as long as you get the time to be in her caring presence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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