11 Perfect Reasons To Date A Girl Who’s Close With Her Brother


1. She’s used to boyish behavior.

Burping, farting, talking about boobs, she’s heard it all, seen it all, and smelled it all. The girl who’s close with her brother is familiar with every stage of boyhood, guyhood, and manhood, if they ever get there. She might think it’s disgusting when the room suddenly smells like rotten eggs, but she isn’t going to start an unneeded argument about it.

2. She’s not afraid to compete with you.

Her entire life has been one big competition with her brother. Who received better grades, who has more sports trophies, who was grounded by their parents less, anything that you can count or keep track of was a competition with her brother. If you like a little competition or a woman who’s not afraid of beating you, the girl who’s close with her brother is most certainly your match.

3. She has developed a tough skin.

At one point or another her bother has tried to embarrass her, he has insulted her, and most likely has attempted to sabotage one or more of her romantic relationships, but she does the same exact thing in return. She’s not going to cry if someone calls her fat, and she’s not going to quit her job because someone tells her she sucks at it. Her brother’s immaturity when she was younger has given her a thick skin, and it has helped her to be confident in who she is.

4. She is quick with comebacks.

With all of the torture her brother has put her through, she learned quite quickly how to be witty. Go ahead and throw a sarcastic insult at her, she’ll throw one right back at you, and it will most likely leave you speechless.

5. She can hang with the boys.

She’s been surrounded by them her whole life so she knows how to stand on her own with a handful of men. She won’t be intimidated, uncomfortable, or self-conscious, she’ll be herself.

6. She can drink with the boys.

Don’t underestimate her drinking abilities. She might order a Very Berry cocktail that costs 17 dollars when she’s hanging with her girls, but if she’s with the boys she has no problem in slugging down a nice cold lager or shot of whiskey. Her brother made sure she’s able to drink a glass that might make her grow a beard.

7. She knows how to buy a boy a gift.

She’s been buying her brother gifts every year of her life so she is familiar with how to shop for the opposite sex. She won’t buy you a tie every birthday, she’s able to go deeper than that.

8. Her brother could be your new best friend.

Or the complete opposite, but let’s hope that’s not the case. If you’re willing to make a new friend hopefully he will be just as amicable.

9. She has her own opinion.

Her and her brother disagree constantly and she is unafraid to challenge him simply because he’s a guy. She has learned how to hold her own opinion against any human being no matter their gender.

10. She has heard guys talk about sex.

She’s listened to her and her brother’s friends talk about women…and having sex with them. Whether you’d like to think this has given her a leg up on bedroom activities, or if it means she’s accustomed to hearing raunchy sex talk, either way it’s a plus, not a minus.

11. She has experience dealing with guy problems.

Whether it’s broken hearts, weird bodily functions, or soothing a hurt ego, the girl who’s close with her brother is a great girl to call in case of emergency. She’s there for you when it comes to any problem that might be testosterone-related. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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