9 Reasons Why We Can’t Still Be Friends

Flickr / Nick Oliver
Flickr / Nick Oliver

1. We crossed the line of friendship, and it’s hard to go back.

I know how you kiss, I know how you flirt, I know plenty more things about you that a friend would never, and should never know. It’s hard to forget them once that line has been crossed.

2. My friends might not approve.

The friends we each had before we started dating, most likely have a preconceived hatred for how either of us hurt one another. If I hurt you, your friends will always remember that, and if you hurt me my friends will hold it against you. No matter how close of “friends” we each agree to stay, our real friends have seen our relationship crumble and fall apart, and they most certainly want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

3. My family might not approve.

The same way our friends care about us is the same way our family does. They don’t want to see us hurt, and because they have our best interests at heart, they may be weary of your “friendly” intentions.

4. Outsiders will always question whether we are truly just friends.

They have seen the way we act together when we are truly together, in all senses of the word. When we try to place this obscure friendship title on our relationship they will constantly doubt that it could be that simple. They will always assume that one of us wants something more, and they will consistently challenge that we can abstain from that happening.

5. One of us will always question whether we are truly just friends.

The way you casually put your arm around my shoulder, or the way you laughed from the bottom of your gut at something I said, these little bouts of affection that mean absolutely nothing will inevitably be mistaken for something more. The fact that we once were will carry through this friendship with the hope that we will be again, and that’s not something either of us wants to deal with.

6. There will be times when one of us feels lonely.

Someone will long for another person to wake up with, to hold hands with, to kiss goodbye and kiss goodnight. A friendship with you will be a constant reminder of the missing romance in our lives.

7. We won’t forget the memories we made when we were more than friends.

Even if those memories were daily occurrences, they were made with you, and they were made in a way that meant more than friendship. Going forward, the memories we try to create will never measure up. They will never be as good, and they will never be as memorable. It will be a half-hearted experience every time we’re together.

8. One of us is still hurt.

Whether you want to admit it or not, one of us still carries, or at least remembers, the pain they felt the day things ended. Each day we spend together as friends will remind us of that pain.

9. We might fall for each other all over again.

Then that pain that we still remember and still hold on to, could also happen…all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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