To The Love I Never Thought I’d Have

Throughout my life, I never thought I’d ever meet someone like you. I have always dreamt of having a long lasting relationship, but I could never see it happening to someone like me. I have always envisioned marriage and kids in the future, but I never could find that person who I was completely sure of. I didn’t think I’d still be making inside jokes with you, or making fun about something we did last week two years later. I knew you were around the corner, and I hoped you’d love me unconditionally, and that’s why the things we’ve gone through these past years have genuinely exceeded my expectations.

I knew we’d have arguments about small things, I knew we’d never see eye to eye on the rest, and I knew we’d feel like strangling each other’s necks once in a while. But I never expected to work it out so easily. In a society of divorce, separations, and constant breakups, I’ve never felt a love like ours. Before you, I’ve always wondered how couples who’ve lasted 50 years together managed to stay in love. With you, I now know; with you, I now understand the meaning of unconditional love. Staying in love isn’t just a series of bouquets of flowers or cute little love notes. It is showing up for each other every day and lifting up the other person when they are feeling weak.

Thank you for staying by my side, even when I didn’t deserve it. I know I can be a lot to handle when my emotions are triggered or when something is making me uncomfortable. Thank you for being patient with me anyway, as I know patience isn’t your strong suit either, but thank you for always trying your best in making it become one of your greatest qualities when it comes to me. Regardless of our misunderstandings, I truly do love the dynamic of our relationship as a whole. I love how we are both realistic enough to be aware of what can be done now, later, and not at all. I love how we budget our finances for each date we go on, for each train or bus fare we spend, just to see each other for the day and for each time any of us needs to spot the other.

You have truly become my very best friend these past two years. I feel like I can completely be myself around you. For instance, you don’t judge the way I sit or lay on the couch, criticizing how my body looks when I do so, the way I choose to sometimes be overdramatic for humorous purposes, and the way I can express myself however I want to without feelings unintentionally getting hurt in the process. These past few months have proved to me how strong you really are. You can fuss and you can definitely fight the things that were happening to you, but you never ever gave up. You didn’t throw in the towel when everything seemed to be falling apart, you chose to stand your ground and sit still as things became turbulent, and you truly gave it all you could. And for that I can sincerely say I am lucky and proud to have you in my life.

Thank you for coming into my life so unexpectedly. For always accepting who I am, as aggressive, overdramatic, and sometimes just plain old mean as I might sometimes be—thanks for always seeing through that. Regardless of your imperfections, you are wholeheartedly a blessing to me. You have shown me the importance of constant communication, the value of friendship through a romantic relationship, and the true concept of loving someone so much, it hurts to stay mad at them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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