I Hope You Find Someone Who Loves You At Your Very Worst

I Hope You Find Someone Who Loves You At Your Very Worst

I hope you find someone who can see beyond your darkness, and be transparent enough to identify it as deep and personal pains that you’ve yet to figure out how to heal from. I hope they constantly seek- from the bottom of their heart, an understanding so pure, that it leaves you baffled every time you find them standing right by your side even at the worst of tribulations. I hope they tell you that they are not afraid to hear about the mistakes you have made, the actions you’re not proud of, and the decisions that still haunt you to this day.

I hope you are loved by someone who has had a similar journey as you. Someone who has experienced terrible losses, tragic endings, and even severer life events. I hope you find someone who makes you realize the purpose for all the pain. I hope they show you how their love for you makes the trek worth it. I hope they help you see how through every breakdown, every attack, and every season, that there will always be a good reason why you’re going through it in the first place. I hope you find them in your heartache, in your storm; in your healing process, as there is nothing more beautiful than stumbling upon someone who only asks for nothing but your time, love, and affection.

I hope you feel every ounce of their love for you. Every inch of their admiration for not the tolerance you hold through it all, but your strength in persisting to always see better days ahead. I hope you believe it when they tell you how proud they are of you. How inspiring you’ve lead your life to this moment, and how they have always looked up to you as their most aspiring example of how to live fully with honesty and sincerity. I hope they make you feel alive, through the times they try to make you smile again, especially on your bad days, every hug they embrace you with on the days you need to feel safe, and every time they just sit and listen to what you have to say, through the moments you need them the most.

I hope you know that the right person exists. They are alive and breathing in this world waiting for you too. I hope you know that they are also looking for you as well, that they can’t wait to meet you, and most of all, love you to the best of their abilities. I hope you treat them with care, cherish every moment you have with them, and most importantly, let them in even when you’re scared, because I promise you, you will never regret it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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