Why I Am Proud To Be A Woman In 2019

I’m proud to be a woman in 2019 because we have a voice.

The volume of our thoughts and expression are as loud as ever. We have the freedom to use the power of our minds, and our hearts are impacting more individuals than we could ever comprehend. I may not be old enough to have experienced every prejudicial act that has afflicted the female demographic over the past century, but I easily stand with those who have expressed the trials and tribulations that women have faced for a long time.

I am proud to be a female in this day and age because we are fearless.

We’re able to stand up for what we believe in, no matter what the cost. We can disagree with opposing arguments without fear of how our opponents will respond. Our intelligence and knowledge make us strong, equal voices in our world.

I am proud to be a young lady in this generation because we are united more than ever.

In a day and age where the population’s beliefs are divided, I have never seen a larger group of women show support when one of us falls. I have never seen a stronger group back each other up in the midst of chaos. We rejoice every success without resentment and protect each other as if we are all sisters.

I am proud to be a girl of this time because the world recognizes us.

There has never been a larger increase of female leads in the movies we watch today, like “Wonder Woman,” “The Hunger Games,” “Frozen,” and “Moana.” Every women’s march receives massive media coverage, and female dominant content is always trending on numerous media outlets.

The women of this decade have finally smashed barriers that the women of the past worked tirelessly to break. They would be incredibly proud of how we’ve raised the movement they birthed. The women of the past would be thoroughly impressed with how much their efforts and our executions have aided every little girl who struggles to believe in herself, every teenage girl who isn’t able to see the truest form of her beauty, and every woman who sometimes forgets how phenomenal she has become.

Being a woman in 2019 means being free to speak our minds, as each of us deserves the right to be valued and heard. It means being able to stand our ground when an unjust situation occurs because it never made sense to stay silent anyway. And it means being able to value who you are and acknowledge your worth, as it’s always been there, waiting for you to finally notice it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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