5 Reasons Why Good Girls Find Bad Boys Irresistible

Anna Baburkina / (Shutterstock.com)
Anna Baburkina / (Shutterstock.com)

So you’re a good girl who likes bad boys, but you don’t know why. You know he’s no good for you, but you want to date him anyway.

Before you start smoking, drinking, and wearing leather, let me share five reasons why bad boys are irresistible…and why you should resist.

1. Bad boys are hot.

Let’s be honest. When we hear the words “bad boy,” we think of a tall, leather-jacket-wearing man who has great hair, biceps for days, and an amazing eight-pack. Well, at least I do. Bad boys are total studs.

However, let’s not forget that looks aren’t everything. Personality is important, and bad boys are jerks. When they get older, they’ll still be jerks. The difference is they will be balding and have a beer belly. Not as endearing.

2. Bad boys are forbidden.

As a good girl, your parents may have raised you to not bring home someone who blatantly lives on the bad side. So why are you attracted to Billy Joe Bad Boy? Because people innately want what they can’t have. Eve wanted the forbidden fruit, and good girls want the forbidden men. It’s like science.

But bad boys are forbidden for a reason: They’re bad. Shocking, I know. So stay away before you end up doing something bad like robbing a store, joining a gang, or getting dude’s name tattooed across your face.

3. Bad boys are confident.

Most bad boys make no excuses for who they are. They can do bad all by themselves, and they take pride in it. Understandably so. Bad boys drink beer, smoke cigarettes, ride motorcycles, drive cars, do everything in a cool manner—and they know that. You’re not interested? They don’t care. Why? Because several other women want them—and they know that. They’re hot—and they know that. They’re cool—and they know that. You love their confidence—and they know that.

The thing is, confidence could really be conceitedness. Do you really want to be with a man who’s conceited? Do you? Not only that, but the confidence could become a harsh nonchalance towards you. A bad boy would have no problem telling you that you’re not a big deal to him. And if he doesn’t flat-out say it, he’ll show it. Oh, you’re his girlfriend? And? He’ll talk to other girls with you right next to him. It’s a part of being conceited. You and dude will simply be casual and nothing more. Ouch.

4. Bad boys are exciting.

Opposites attract, and bad boys provide a very different change of pace. Thrill, risk, and danger can be endearing. Bad boys don’t give two expletives about the rules, and living la vida loca is very exciting, especially for the good girls who’ve followed the rules most of their lives.

But while the thrill of being with a rebel is intriguing, it could be destructive. If dude is always pushing the limits of danger, he could fall off a cliff and die…or something less dramatic but (maybe) equally fatal. Also, spontaneity often comes with excitement. Sure, going on an impulsive vacation may give you a rush, but sooner or later he’ll be impulsive and disappear.

5. Some girls think bad boys can be changed.

This is where you’re wrong. You cannot change a bad boy. You cannot control a bad boy. So many women have this weird “rescuer” flaw in their personality. Women want to save these wayward men and transform them into nice guys that still have some edge. No. That’s not how it works.

Well, you can. It’s painful, though. Bad boys do what they please when they please, regardless of what you want. You can’t change him. Stop wasting your time.

In short, if loving him is wrong, you don’t want to be wrong! There’s no future with you and the bad boy. He’s hot, but he’s bad. Bad, as hard as it is to believe, is not good. RESIST! There is an exciting, confident, and hot good guy waiting for you. Stop posting his bail, put the drugs down, leave the skateboarder alone, and give that good guy a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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