You Have To Love A Sensitive Soul Differently

Sensitive souls love differently. And they need to be loved differently.

They’ve been through so much that they tend to lock their feelings in, and not let anyone see inside. So, once they open up, it’s the truest version of them that you will ever see. They are warm-hearted, caring and affectionate in spite of all that they’ve been through. Because you can’t break a sensitive soul.

Even though they are sensitive, they are strong. You need to remember that and don’t pity them. They have the strength to withstand anything – all they want from you is support. Be their anchor and let their wings fly, while you hold the line tightly. They will also be strong for you in return. And it will be the kind of strength you have never seen before.

Sensitive souls are also difficult to love. You have to remember not to hurt them – for all they’ve been through, they know the value of a real and honest human. You have to be blunt with them. Not to the point of pushing them away, but allowing them to know when something’s wrong. They appreciate the truth and will love you even more for it.

If you truly love a sensitive soul, you will do all of that. Because once you love someone, you know their strengths and weaknesses. You will know what triggers them and what they love to hear. All the small things that once seemed incomprehensible will become obvious for you. Your love for them will overshadow every doubt you have ever had. Because once you love a sensitive soul, you will understand what it truly means to be one.

You have to build your love step by step. Slowly but surely. It will take time for everything to fall into place, but once it does, you will appreciate it even more. You will understand everything they told you about themselves, and you will be mesmerized with their infectious personality.

Loving a sensitive soul is a hard task, and most certainly not for everyone. But those who are up for it will experience the love of their lives and a commitment that they never knew existed.

So, be brave, and fall in love with a sensitive soul.

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