When You Finally Let Go And Welcome God, Everything Will Come Together

Brooke Cagle

It’s so easy to fall into the lie that we as women will only be complete when we are with a man. We become victims to the trap that tells us our worth is found in another human being. Our identities become so rooted in being someone’s girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. But the truth is, the only “someone’s” we are is the Lord’s.

I see it time and time again, and I myself did the same thing for so long. I truly believed that everything would fall into place once I had a man. I thought that my happiness derived from having a man, and my sole purpose on this Earth was to find a man. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We long for all that we believe a man will do for us so much that our biggest fear becomes the idea of ending up alone. And because of this overwhelming fear, we lose sight of what’s most important and we will our biggest fear to become true. We place a man above every other thing, including God, that we become disconnected from the only way we will ever meet the perfect man. We lose sight of Jesus.

The funny thing about this is that making our main focus the Lord, is the only way that all the things we hope for in a man will ever come true. Our happiness, our worth, our identities, can only be fulfilled through Jesus Christ.

So as hard as it is to put our humanly agendas to the side, and focus all our energy into God, it’s the only way to the feeling of complete love that we so desperately crave.

Now I’m by no means saying that wanting a man is at all a bad thing or something to feel ashamed of. We were designed to find comfort in the community of others. But when it becomes toxic is when we want a man more than we want our perfect Savior.

The good news though is this, when you finally let go of the main desire of your heart being a man, when you truly let go and let God, and when you become content with His and only His love, is when He will bring you the love from a man that you have wanted for so long.

We must be patient, and be trusting, for God has a plan for each one of us. Sometimes when we feel God is ignoring our most passionate prayers, it’s really Him telling us, “not yet.” He is patiently waiting for us to be in the perfect place to accept love from a man. Because if we aren’t right with our spiritual lives, it is near impossible to be in the right place to fully love and be loved by another individual.

The moment we become content with only needing one man in our lives, and that man being Jesus, is the same moment that God will bless our lives with the man who’s heart was hand crafted to compliment our own. We must remember that He has the master plan, and He will not leave us feeling broken and unloved. But He also loves us so much that he waits for us to be in the best place possible to fall madly and deeply in love with someone. Fall in love with Jesus, and Jesus will bring you a man who falls so deeply in love with you. God is all we need, but he cares for us so much, that he will give us someone we don’t NEED but who brings a certain kind of beauty to our lives that we’ve always WANTED. That fairytale ending we’ve all dreamed of isn’t fake, those stories just left out the one part that makes them possible; Jesus. After all, as 1st John 4: 8 reminds us, “God is love.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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