If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes, You’d Never Doubt Your Beauty Again

Ariel Lustre

That smile. I swear, it lights up the whole room, and my whole world. It takes the rain and the grey of life and makes it go away. And instead it brings the sunshine to come and stay. And I don’t say this because your smile has been fixed and shaped by braces. I say this to you whether or not your teeth are perfectly straight, or crooked. Because either way, your smile is yours- and that is a sight that only you create in this world. That smile with the power to take every ounce of pain, and replace it with this unexplainable contagious joy.

Those eyes. So full of life and the kind of sparkle that can’t be bought. My favorite part is when you combine that smile with those eyes, and little crinkles appear from the sides of them. I know you hate those crinkles, that you call wrinkles. But I see the mark of a life well lived. The crinkles are beauty marks of the joy you’ve felt, and they appear each time you feel it again.

Your heart. No, I don’t actually see through your skin and witness your heart in it’s beating physical form. But, I don’t have to. You see, your heart leaves marks on this world and the people in it everywhere you go. Your heart of gold, leaves a trail of love behind with every beat.

Your mind. Every thought flows in and out like the rhythm of the ocean’s waves crashing against the shore. Except your mind is even more beautiful than the ocean. I love watching it at work, when you get so focused and your gears start turning. And then you take those thoughts, and you put them into action. You sprinkle a trail of your creativity with every step. And we mustn’t forget one of the greatest parts of your mind- your feelings. I know, they can be a pain sometimes, but they also bring meaning to every thought you think and every step you take. You feel deeply, and at times it hurts. But it takes an incredibly brave soldier to fight the battle that is emotions. And you do everyday. You feel them for what they are. And at times you may feel like you’re drowning in your emotions, but I see you learn to swim every time.

I hesitate to say this, but your body. Yes, your body is stunning. I don’t want you to think that the shape of your body defines your worth, or wherever your curves land also lays the measurement of your beauty. Because the truth is, you’ve been in several different shapes over the years. People change, they grow. And not once, has the space you’ve taken up on this earth been what I see when I say I see your body. What I see, is this incredible vessel. One that allows you to walk this earth. The frame that contains your smile, your eyes, your heart, and your mind. How can it not be sheer beauty when it houses all of my favorite things?

I’ve left out my favorite part of all. Your soul. How can I see a soul? You tell me. You’re the one with enough life in you to take something unseen and give it a face. It’s so beautiful. Oh gosh it’s beautiful. Your body houses all the details of you, but your soul houses your body. You are this beautiful creature, made up of breathtaking sights and what should be unseen visions into gorgeous pictures. When I see you, I see this glow. You light up the world everywhere you go. That, that is your soul. That light that put’s glimmering stars in the sky on even the darkest of nights. Your soul is a light. A shield of sunshine. An impenetrable force of anything less than lovely.

If you could see yourself through my eyes you’d see just why I can’t find quite the right words to bring this image to life. You’d be able to see that when I see you, I don’t only see but I feel. Because that’s what all the best sights do. First you see them, and then they make you feel. And when they make you feel, they transform from something aesthetically pleasing, to something that even the blind can see. You see, when I see you, I see something that makes me feel. And in a world made up of incredibly lifeless things and numbed out humans, finding someone who has the ability to make you feel, is the most beautiful thing you could ever wish for.

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you wouldn’t need to see. You’d never take time to stop in front of a mirror again. You’d never long for confirmation from society of your beauty. If you could see yourself through my eyes you’d see, that I don’t even need my eyes to see, that the beauty of who you are brings life to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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