12 Creepy True Stories Of Parents Who Killed Their Kids

After reading about the suicides of Benjamin and Kristi Strack (which immediately followed the two of them killing three of their children by giving them a dangerous mix of methadone and over-the-counter drugs), I couldn’t help but think that I need to call my mom and thank her. Not just for not killing me, but because the worst thing she ever did was slap me for talking back when she told me to get off the computer and go to bed. Of course my mom can totally suck it; I make 100% of my money from staying up too late on the computer these days, but damn! If you’re not a victim of filicide, permanently mangled or otherwise beyond repair, your parents did better by you than these 12 scumbags.

1. This White Plains, NY mom was accused of slowly killing her son with salt and tracking the decline of his health on social media for all to see. “She did it for the likes and favs” is not yet a solid defense for taking your kid’s life.

2. In Miami, a woman named Charlotee Wonija was arrested in her shower cap after she beat her son severely and killed his puppy. No, the son didn’t die, but the bitch took his dog’s life so… I think that counts for something.

3. No one was safe from the Queens father/husband/son-in-law who shot up everyone in his home to end a five-hour manhunt with the NYPD. You can also add him to the shockingly high percentage of athletes who turn dangerous—before all of this happened, he was an “international basketball player,” which is what I’m pretty sure what the black guy on New Girl who’s not a Wayans supposedly did before moving into the apartment with Jess and the guys.

4. Last year a Phoenix man took his son’s life by chopping into him with an ax. According to the reports, the man claimed that his son had been possessed by the devil and needed to be removed from the planet.

5. Speaking of taking out the whole family, the story of a dad who murdered his whole sleeping family in this Towson, Maryland Sheraton with a knife from Crate & Barrel hits close to home cuz I legit checked out of my room there after feelings really uneasy and like something was “off” with the whole location a year after the murders.

6. Andrea Yates is one of the go-to references when it comes to mentally ill parents who take the lives of their kids—she famously drowned all five of her children in the bathtub before turning herself in.

7. Susan Eubanks is sitting on death row in California after being convicted of shooting and killing her four young children in order to get revenge on her ex-husband.

8. Innocent of the final deed or not, party girl mom Casey Anthony didn’t look for or report the fact that her daughter Caylee was missing for almost a month. It took Casey’s parents finally noticing that the little girl was M.I.A. for Casey to fess up to the fact that she’d kinda sorta lost her daughter to a fictional nanny, “Xani.” Even if you’re one of those people who (wrongly) thinks that Casey didn’t kill her sweet baby, you can’t deny that her actions leading up to the little girl’s search certainly lead to unfortunate end of this story.

9. Willie McCall of Jackson, MS shot and killed his grown son in late 2014 after the two were unable to resolve an argument.

10. Of course we all know Marvin Gaye’s dad killed him.

11. This Christmas, a man in Ebonyi returned from a holiday trip to Lagos, fought with the mother of his son and then murdered the boy for revenge. Happy fucking holidays!

12. A six year-old disabled girl and her twenty-four year-old brother were murdered in Memphis after their father opened fire in the house. He attempted to turn the gun on himself but failed to cause fatal injuries. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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