100+ Catchy Emo Usernames

Emo usernames are FTW! xD

If you’re still stuck in 2003, it might be time to start treating your social media accounts like AIM and change your user names to emo usernames instead. The right followers will understand.

Whether you’re My Chemical Romance’s biggest fan or just have a lot of emotions you have yet to work through in therapy, give your Instagram account, Discord user name, or whatever other platform you prefer the emo upgrade it deserves.

How to Create An Emo Username: Tips

But what makes a username sound emo, anyway? In order to make a good username that sounds emo, there are some best practices to consider.

While there is no one way to be emo, there are some elements that can help make your username reflect the emo kid you will always be:

Random numbers: If blink-182 can choose a random number for their band you can for your emo username.

Spell words with numbers: For example, use “3” in place of “E” or “4” in place of “for.”

Underscores: You know, for *~edge~* Seriously, though, simply add a random underscore at the end or beginning of a username and BAM. EMO. You can also switch up the capitalization of letters, words, etc.

Puns: When in doubt, pun it out. Think references to the best emo bands, obscure movies, whatever comes to mind when you hear the word “emo.”

Personalized: The perfect name for any kind of account, whether it is an emo username or otherwise, should be personalized for the person who holds the account.

Emo Username Ideas

Below are 100+ cool and catchy emo usernames you can use for any social media account, from your Instagram username to your YouTube channel to your Twitter.

Search the below list of emo usernames to find your perfect match. Just make sure to check their availability first (though you can always add an underscore in the right place to make it unique).

For example, if you like the username “g0thb4by” you could change it to “goth_baby92” or whatever makes the most sense for you. Remember, these are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and own ideas.

  1. itwasntaphasemom
  2. eternalsadnessbrigade
  3. live_laugh_leave_me_alone
  4. takingbacksunday_butnotyou
  5. lobotomies4sale
  6. LonerStoner
  7. g0thb4by
  8. SilenceIsTheLoudestRaWrrrr
  9. damag3dgothbaby
  10. CharredBlackHeart
  11. xanaxandpanicattacks
  12. allpanicnodisco
  13. GerardIsTheWay
  14. TeenAngstLifestyle
  15. BlackParadeMember
  16. SallyWithoutJack
  17. VansForSaleNeverWorn
  18. requiemformychildhoodbedroom
  19. scenekid4ever
  20. d4ddyissues
  21. my_chemical_imbalance
  22. gothl0ser
  23. radioheadstan
  24. PsychWardCutie
  25. _xxTheAngelFromYourNightmare_xx
  26. MaliciousMuppet
  27. WoundedWarriorPrincess
  28. ChurchofRamen
  29. FueledBySpite
  30. SufferingSadGirl
  31. SadGirlClubPresident
  32. lovelessbimbo
  33. depressionsessionpartyof1
  34. debbydown3r
  35. captain3motional
  36. XxHopelessRomanticxX
  37. andheartssemicolon
  38. TearsForYears
  39. reformedcoolgirl
  40. CEOofrockbottom
  41. dudewheresmydad
  42. YourFaveBloodyValentine
  43. sk8rboi4ever
  44. darkacademia
  45. dudewheresmySSRI
  46. prozacprincess
  47. inthebizofmisery
  48. left4dead
  49. darknesswon
  50. theghostofu
  51. urgonnahearmeRAWR
  52. poppunkprincess
  53. notyourb4by
  54. ineedadoctor
  55. dejectedandrejected
  56. gothgoddess
  57. lonelylheartsclubmember
  58. brokenhearted
  59. emostateofmind
  60. outcastedextrovert
  61. yourlocalwallflower
  62. hexmeback
  63. mascarastainsandemotionalpains
  64. deadinside
  65. theperksofbeinganoutsider
  66. smashedpumpkin
  67. satansassistant
  68. thepsychwardcalled
  69. kurts_ghost
  70. courtneydidntluvhim
  71. nobody_likes_me_at_any_age
  72. stockholmsyndromeandcyanide
  73. sinsandsadness
  74. falloutgirl
  75. iwillfollowuintothedarkness
  76. godofthegoths
  77. bossofthemallpunks
  78. comeasurbutnotlikeme
  79. thegirlattherockshow
  80. yourworstnightmare
  81. the_skellingtons
  82. emokidsfanclub
  83. andscene_kid
  84. confessionsonthedashboard
  85. concrete_emo
  86. thesadnesspersists
  87. yourkonstantine_
  88. newfoundgory
  89. myownworstenemy
  90. abandoned_angel
  91. _emotional_support_group_for_sad_bitches
  92. still_eating_lunch_alone
  93. miseryluvscompany
  94. whatsmyrageagain
  95. iwritetragediesnotsins
  96. callingallsadkids
  97. skullsandpotions
  98. headinthestormclouds
  99. iamdatingpetewentzinmydreamz
  100. mrsbrightside
  101. abandoned_wishes
  102. cheerupemokid

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