26 Things To Say To A Loved One During An Anxiety Attack

26 Things To Say To A Loved One During An Anxiety Attack
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1. What can I do to be helpful?

2. I’m not mad at you.

3. This is not your fault.

4. Let’s go to a quiet place where you can feel safe. Where would that be?

5. You are so strong and you will get through this.

6. I’m sorry life can be so hard.

7. Let’s focus on your breathing. I’ll even breathe deeply with you and we can get a nice, calming pace going.

8. There’s some good deep breaths! Keep going. In and out, to the count of three.

9. I can hear the pain you’re in and I know it hurts so badly. But this won’t last forever, I promise you.

10. Your feelings are valid, but let’s try and turn the volume down just a little so you aren’t suffering so much. What can we do to do that?

11. You aren’t crazy.

12. Let’s focus on the present. This is the only moment we have complete control over.

13. I know everything feels so big and so scary, but you are bigger and stronger than all of it. After all, you’ve gotten through this before. And you will again.

14. What you are feeling is scary, but it will not hurt you.

15. (If the person takes medication): Do you want me to grab your meds? That’s what they’re there for.

16. What you are feeling is not shameful.

17. I’m right here.

18. I’m not going anywhere.

19. This will be over soon. This is all temporary.

20. I’m not judging you. I know this is so incredibly difficult.

21. What can I say to help you feel even just a little better?

22. Can I put my arm around you? Would that help?

23. You are not weak.

24. (If you’re in public or at a triggering place): We can leave if that will help. We don’t have to stay here. It’s okay.

25. I love you so much.

26. You are such a warrior for living with anxiety. And I’m so proud of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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