Hate To Break It To You But You Met Him For A Reason

Wait For The Guy Who Actually Gives A F*ck About You

Wait for the guy who actually gives a fuck about you. Who calls when he says he will, and explains why when he doesn’t. Who shows the fuck up. Wait for the one who is always there when you need him. Who doesn’t just say that he cares, but truly shows this sentiment through his actions.

Be with the guy who listens to what you have to say, completely and carefully. Who doesn’t jump to conclusions. Who is patient, understanding, and considerate. Invest your time in a man who treats you fairly and who never makes you question how he feels or where you the two of you stand. Who is consistent. Who respects your time, space, and feelings.

Wait for the guy who actually gives a fuck about you.

The guy who actually gives a fuck about you won’t only text you at 2 AM, when he’s lonely and it’s convenient. He won’t use you to boost his ego. He won’t make you question your worth through unanswered messages and mixed signals.

He will, however, repeatedly find ways to let you know he’s there, he cares, and he’s yours.

The man who gives a fuck about you will go out of his way to keep you.
He won’t risk losing you over petty arguments or misunderstandings. He’ll communicate effectively and openly. He’ll tell you how he feels and what he thinks. He also won’t be afraid to disagree with you, but he will fight with you in a way that is productive and healthy.

Don’t settle for a boy who looks great on paper, but treats you like shit.
Don’t allow yourself be fooled by a boy who makes your heart his plaything, tossing and batting it around rather than holding and cherishing it like the all at once fragile and strong, beating force of nature that it is.

Because the cold, hard truth is this: if he acts like he doesn’t give a fuck about you, it’s because he doesn’t.

If he ignores your texts, if he makes you feel like booty call, if he just kind of acts like an asshole it’s because he doesn’t care. He’s not #complicated. He’s not trying to *~figure himself out~* and how he feels. Indecision is a decision. Treating someone like crap is a conscious choice. And please understand that this is not a reflection on you by any means, not at all. But, if you are sensing he doesn’t care, if he is repeatedly showing you he could take you or leave you, why would you spend any of your precious time trying to prove to him he should care? The second he shows he doesn’t want or appreciate you is the second he no longer deserves you. Simple as.

So, please, wait for the guy who actually gives a fuck about you. Anyone less is simply a waste of your goddamn time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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