10 Things The INFP You’re Dating Wants You To Know

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1. INFPs are a challenge to get to know.

Despite their cool and laid-back demeanor, they’re notoriously shy and reserved nature makes it hard for them to open up. They are guarded souls and choose to protect their hearts. This makes them difficult to read. While you may be an open book, INFPs are the total opposite. If you want to get to know an INFP more, be patient. Ask them questions about their deepest thoughts, be curious and make them feel comfortable. In time, they will let their guard down.

2. INFPs are fiercely loyal.

Once they have entered a committed relationship they will do everything in their power to keep the relationship in a harmonious place. Their pursuit of the ‘ideal’ partner can often times cloud their judgement when a person is not right for them.

3. INFPS are in love with the idea of love.

Love means more to them then just a four letter word. It represents a deep commitment and they are in search of the perfect love. They are believers of true love and want a partner who will be their companion for life. INFPs have a tendency to romanticize relationships, so don’t be surprised if you find them watching Pretty Woman or Titanic for the hundredth time! They have no interest in a temporary love or a quick fling. So if you are not interested in being in a committed relationship, an INFP is not for you.

4. INFPs have a strong dislike for superficial people.

If your only concern is about material value than an INFP will be completely turned off. They need a partner with depth, someone who is passionate and shares similar values to them. They will not invest in a shallow partner.

5. INFPs need space, like humans need oxygen.

From spending time in social situations and having to engage in small talk is mentally and physically draining for an INFP. Sometimes they need to shut themselves away from the outside world and recharge their batteries. This is their time to just be free, to think, to write and to do what makes them happy. A partner should not take this personally. It has less to do with you and more to do with how an INFP is wired.

6. INFPs enjoy intimacy in private.

They are not big fans of PDA. If you are out in public, light touches, like placing your hand on the small of their back, or brushing their hair from their face or holding their hand, are displays of affection an INFP will appreciate. You can even try teasing them in public and when you are finally alone, a less reserved INFP will emerge.

7. INFPs are emotional people.

They are not only in touch with their feelings, but are aware of the emotions of those around them. Outwardly, they can come across as emotionally unavailable, but internally they feel for you with an intensity that is so strong, they cannot even begin to put into words. INFPs will instinctively know if you feel the same. They will feel your anger when you have been wronged, they will feel your pain when you are sad and their heart will smile when you are feeling happy.

8. INFPs can be quirky and a bit random at times.

From their facial expressions, to their demeanor to their random, off the cuff comments, they will not fail to amuse you. They have a silly but playful side that only those closest to them ever really get to see. They will show their partner a different side of their personality once you become more familiar.

9. INFPs tend to overthink almost everything.

For instance, after a first date an INFP will go over in their minds, how good or bad it went. They will over analyse the conversations you had and try to decipher exactly what you meant by ‘we should do this again sometime.’ They tend to read into things that they should not worry about.

10. They hate small talk.

The introverted part of an INFP find meaningless conversation dull and uninspiring. They need to be mentally stimulated. They want a partner who will openly express their desires, their biggest fears, the things they love and the things they hate. They crave conversations that can intrigue their curious minds and spark deep discussions. They want their partner to be real with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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