18 Insanely Creepy Two-Sentence Stories That Will Freak You The Hell Out

Alex Stoddard
Alex Stoddard

1. “I woke up expecting to spoon my wife for a bit before heading our separate ways, but she was gone—not just her body, but every single trace that she’d ever existed, online or in real life. To this day, when I mention her name, people look at me pityingly, as if I’m insane.”

2. “Her eyes were pitch black at birth and around age 10, she started staying up all night, drawing concentric circles all over her bedroom walls. She’s my child but I grew more and more frightened of what she’d do next and then it happened: She killed her younger brother, I’m sure of it, even though I have no evidence.”

3. “I want to be a decent person, I really do, but the voices make me do bad things and the only way to shut them up is to obey. I’ve groped countless innocent women, stolen hundreds of ashtrays, and attacked dozens of homeless people just to stay sane.”

4. “The claustrophobia was unbearable but I knew that if I screamed, they’d say I was overreacting like always so I braced myself instead—until I couldn’t breathe. That’s when I finally opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in a coffin.”

5. “She was perfect, or so I thought until I caught her one night in the bathroom splashing water onto her face. When she looked up, she coughed up the bright green and blue feathers that belonged to my pet parrot and I realized right then that she’d already eaten my fish, which had mysteriously gone missing one week prior.”

6. “After about eight years, I noticed that our neighbors weren’t aging, so I monitored them closely and saw that they drank straight from the spring in the back of their yard, where they also sometimes bathed. As soon as they left town, I convinced my wife to trespass so we could dip in that magical brook, but a week later we’d aged ten years, the neighbors had moved, and that stream had evaporated or disappeared.”

7. “I’ve felt like a fish out of water ever since I can remember, so it didn’t surprise me when they paid me a visit. I could sense that they were kin—from a different planet, or a sister galaxy, maybe—and it hurt like crazy when they abandoned me again, after reminding me of the sentence I was serving on Earth as punishment for the terrible crime I’d committed.”

8. “They thought it was the medication at first, but I knew deep down that the drugs were never to blame—that when I fall asleep, I become my true self. I have to take ridiculous doses of speed daily to avoid transforming into the sleep-walking killing machine that I am at heart.”

9. “We were making out, two innocent teens, when she froze suddenly, then started convulsing and screaming the dirtiest things, begging me to take her virginity. I did—because that’s what 16-year-olds do—but it was the most awful experience of my life.”

10. “I told her a joke and she cracked up like never before. Twelve hours later she still hadn’t stopped, but her adorable giggle had morphed into the evil cackle of someone who was clearly possessed, so I slit her throat, knowing in my gut that I’d done the right thing, even if it meant being in jail for life.”

11. “A bird flew right into the window above the sink as my mom washed dishes, and she didn’t even flinch. It was then that I noticed her eyes had changed from blue to green, and I ran the hell away, understanding that the woman in our kitchen was an imposter who’d taken the form of the woman I once called ‘mom.’”

12. “On day three of my period two years back, I took my tampon out and this giant globule followed. It was shaped like a figure eight—a kind of redish brown, gooey snowman—and I swear it whined a little right before I flushed it down the toilet, before anyone else could find out.”

13. “One afternoon someone said something funny and instead of laughing, I wept. From that day on, every emotional response I’ve ever had has been the opposite of what it should be, as if someone messed with the switchboard in my brain. I was quickly ostracized by the general population, forced to live out my days in isolation, which is better than getting punched in the face by a total stranger.”

14. “She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever dated, but after the third time we slept together she made me kneel at a makeshift shrine and pray to a deity she called Sfath. When she started chanting and smacking my ass simultaneously, I ran like crazy all the way back to my place in nothing but boxers.”

15. “It was storming out and we were holding hands, running through our high school’s football field long after the game ended, grass tickling our toes, when my fingers were suddenly no longer interlocked with hers. I searched left and right until I saw her—levitating ten feet off the ground, laughing her face off—then she waved good-bye and shot up into the sky.”

16. “One day I started to get these urges to torture small animals and I couldn’t stop myself, even though I knew it wasn’t okay. I’ve been killing squirrels and tormenting chipmunks every time there’s a full moon since.”

17. “Not even my own family is safe from me on the third Thursday of the month—when it happens, like clockwork. My wife locks me inside a cage for 24 hours straight and we all wait for the moment I stop breathing like a dragon and hissing like a snake.”

18. “I figured out at 5 that I could read the minds of dogs. What I didn’t expect is that they’d start making demands, which I have to abide whenever they arrive, whether I’m walking down the street, sitting on the toilet, or enjoying a meal at my house.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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